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COSMOS Web Items

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COSMOS Web To-Do Work Items

The following is a list of items that need to be developed for the COSMOS Web page:

  • COSMOS Announcement page
  • COSMOS Logos page
  • COSMOS Mater Document page
  • What is COSMOS? HTML version
  • Short description of COSMOS HTML version
  • Executive Summary HTML version
  • Getting Started
  • Project IP Log
  • COSMOS Demo page (Mark Weitzel) - bug 183210
  • Components Overview and Architecture description status
    • Data Collection (Don Ebright) - Overview (Bug 182599 Closed) Architecture description Bug 182603 needed)
    • Data Visualization (Craig Thomas) - Overview (Bug 183374 Closed) Architecture description (Bug 183375 Closed)
    • Management Enablement (Oliver Cole) - Overview (Bug 183377) Architecture description (Bug 183381)
    • Resource Modeling (Steve Jerman ) - Overview (Bug 183384 Closed) Architecture description (Bug 183388 Closed)

Web page theme change question

Bug 181980 - Change COSMOS design Phoenix to Lazarus like the Eclipse Mylar project because it looks nicer.

  • Problem: I tried the Lazarus design and it doesn't work with the tab coding on the COSMOS Downloads page.
  • Action: Is the Lazarus design worth the time in trying to fix the code on the broken pages?

Documentation work items

  • 183803 enh P1 Wind ASSI Add documentation plugin to the SMLIF editor plugin
  • 183807 enh P1 Wind ASSI Add documentation plugin for the import/export SMLIF actions
  • Working on creating a prioritized COSMOS documention to-do list list

Completed COSMOS Web work items

Miscellaneous Document References

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