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COSMOS UG Service Registration and Discovery

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Owner Jimmy Mohsin
Bug # 218853
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Is a COSMOS component where the web services that share data register themselves

Product Client

Is a product-specific API that is implemented by each product to share its data

Data Manager

Is a component that hosts a Product Client, and handles communication with the COSMOS environment

Client APIs & GUIs

COSMOS components used to visualize or access data from multiple applications


COSMOS is comprised of three primary layers. The lowest layer will consist of an API that provides abstract operations over a Data Manager. A data manager is simply the software that manages data. The middle layer will consist of an API that logically federates the individual Data Managers from the lower layer. API callers in the top layer will call the COSMOS middle layer to obtain a reference for a Data Manager that can satisfy their query. The COSMOS middle layer will be responsible for resolving that lookup and returning a set of Data Managers to the API caller. The API caller can then interact directly with the Data Manager’s API layer to determine more details and/or to retrieve query data. The top layer is simply a set of API calls that allow the client to obtain reference information from the middle layer and then have a deeper level of query and introspection with the API layer that is exposed by the individual Data Managers. All the layers will communicate through web services and provide location transparency. The client will consume services from the top layer, which will consume services from the Data Managers, which will consume the native product interfaces.

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