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COSMOS UG Query Capabilities

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COSMOS User's Guide Query Capabilities

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Types of queries supported

COSMOS does not have any restrictions on the types of queries that an adopter may send to a Data Manager / MDR, as long as the query is well-formed and can be handled by the data source. COSMOS does offer "special handling" for queries that pertain to CMDBf data; this is describes in the earlier section titled "Using CMDBf in COSMOS". Later on, there may be additional "special handling" for other types of data as well, e.g. WEF, Statistical, etc..

COSMOS ships with an out-of-the-box web UI; this includes a query builder that may be used to construct CMDBf Graph Queries. Additionally, the web UI renders the results from a Graph Query.

How to send queries to COSMOS

Queries may be sent to a Data Manager / MDR via the following means: programmatically via APIs, via the COSMOS webUI, and the COSMOS client application. Additionally, once a Client gets the addressing information for a Data Manager / MDR from the COSMOS Broker, the Client can directly submit queries to the Data Manager / MDR without going through the COSMOS Broker again.

How to access the result set from COSMOS

The result set is returned as is by the Data Manager / MDR to the Client. COSMOS does not alter the result set in any way. The onus is on the Client to utilize the query result set. That said, the COSMOS webUI does offer some visualization capabilities for CMDBf data using basic web widgets. This is detailed in the section below titled "COSMOS Web Component Library".

Sample queries for the example MDR / Data Manager

There are some sample CMDBf queries packaged with the COSMOS client application in the CMDBfQuery sub-directory. For further details on sample queries, please refer to the section below titled "COSMOS Web Component Library".


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