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COSMOS UG Management of COSMOS

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COSMOS User's Guide Management of COSMOS section

Category: User's Guide

Owner Jimmy Mohsin
Bug # 218836
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Starting the COSMOS Broker

Start Tomcat

Register / Deregister MDRs and Data Managers with the COSMOS Broker

Stopping the example / other MDRs and the Data Managers

Stopping the COSMOS Broker


Managing the COSMOS components

Start Tomcat by running <tomcat_install_dir>/bin/startup.bat. By starting the web server, the COSMOS Broker and the example MDRs / Data Managers will be started. Note: Since is involves a Java program, you will need JRE_HOME or JAVA_HOME set in order to run this batch file.

Once the COSMOS environment is up and running, additional MDRs or Data Managers may be registered or dergistered by using the COSMOS client application. Currently, this has a command line interface and is located at <demo_install_dir>/cosmos-client/cosmosclient.bat. A listing of all available commands may be obtained by typing "?" and hitting enter.

Both COSMOS or non-COSMOS MDRs may be registered with the COSMOS Broker.

Additionally, the MDRs, Data Managers, or the COSMOS Broker may be disabled by using the Administrator Interface of the container (AXIS2).

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