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COSMOS ME SDD P2 Alignment

SDD and P2 Alignment

  • Attendees - Merri Jensen, Pascal Rapicault, Eric Rose, Jason Losh, Jeff Hamm, Mark McCraw

  • Summary:
    • Jason walked Pascal (P2 team lead) & Philipe through the SDD design doc
    • P2 concepts map pretty nicely into the concepts described in the SDD runtime design
      • P2 consists of a core "Director" that is analagous to the "Orchestrator" in the SDD runtime design
      • P2 takes as input an object model that can be described in an XML document or other format -- we can potentially interface the SDD object model here. This is the i/o interface in the SDD design document
    • The P2 team also has a "Zip Extractor" that we can potentially work with and use it to expand the operations handler interface
    • Pascal indicated that the query interface is one that the P2 team is interested in. TBD how we collaborate on this, but is yet another common goal
    • Registration and CMDBf integration isn't something P2 was targeting, but other than that the concepts and goals line up.
    • The COSMOS/SDD team will need to pull down the P2 code and just see what it does, and what can be reused or expanded. We need to see if we can make P2 process an SDD and install something
    • Maybe be able to use P2 as a quick start into installing simple apps for the 1.0 COSMOS release
    • Next steps are for the COSMOS/SDD team to get into the code and see what we can make work or what needs to be changed in order to make things work with an SDD
    • Initially any changes needed may be sent to the P2 team as patches. The team needs to determine how we're going to collaborate. Do we get P2 committers, etc.?
    • Charlie took the action to discuss cross project collaboration
    • Jason will send out summary of P2 discussion to dev mailing list - DONE