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COSMOS Logging and Messaging

Eclipse COSMOS Installation Guide V1.0

Audience: Users and Developers

In order to effectively manage a COSMOS implementation, it is necessary to get feedback about the activity of the system as well as any problems that may be occurring. This document describes how to configure the COSMOS logging capabilities, and how to understand what the logs contain.

  • Installation
    • Log4j ??
  • Configuration
    • setup of Log4j with Tomcat ??
    • setting the logging depth
    • Logging output - where it goes
  • Identify location and structure of messages from COSMOS components
    • Common Log Format
    • Subsystems and levels
      • DC
      • UI
      • RM
      • ...
      • Critical
      • Error
      • Warning
      • Informational
      • Diagnostic
      • Sample Output
  • Understand and diagnose error and log messages produced by COSMOS components
  • Message Listing

Note: What Else?

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