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COSMOS InstallGuide10

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Eclipse COSMOS Installation Guide V1.0

Audience: Users and Developers (how do these roles align with Monitor Administrators and System Administrators?)

This publication describes how to install COSMOS. It provides information to assist adopters to perform the following tasks:

  1. Plan the deployment of components
  2. Identify hardware requirements
  3. Check software prerequisites
    1. Java
    2. Eclipse
    3. Tomcat
  4. Downloading COSMOS run-time files
  5. Installing COSMOS with one of the following techniques, either:
    1. Installing COSMOS manually
    2. Installing COSMOS with Eclipse Update Manager
  6. Start COSMOS
  7. Shut down COSMOS
  8. Uninstall COSMOS
  9. Perform post-installation configuration
    1. Setting up a User and a Developer
  10. Notices

Note: What other steps are needed?

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