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Audience Description
User's A person who makes use of Eclipse COSMOS project to perform some function including support resources.

This publication is intended for administrators or other users of COSMOS. It presents an overview of the product and its components. It then provides detailed descriptions of the tasks that you can perform from each component.

COSMOS User's Guide Outline

  1. Title page
  2. Table of contents
  3. Preface for Legal information
  4. Purpose
  5. Prerequisites
    1. Hardware requirements
    2. Software requirements
    3. Optional add-ons
  6. Overview
    1. Project Objectives
    2. Design description (Scope of document)
    3. COSMOS Components design description
  7. Management of COSMOS Components
  8. How to use the COSMOS UI
  9. Web Console for System Administrators
  10. How to start Data Broker and Data Manager
  11. Introduction to CMDBf
  12. Query Capabilities
  13. Service Registration and Discovery - Management Domain and Brokers
  14. Data Managers - Adapters for integrating applications to the COSMOS infrastructure
  15. Service Modeling Language (SML)
  16. Solution Deployment Descriptor
  17. Deploying COSMOS
  18. Running the Example
  19. References
  20. Appendixes
  21. Glossary

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