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COSMOS Document Dev Guide template

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COSMOS Develoment Guide Outline

Audience Description
Devloper Has an interest in building and/or deploying the Eclipse COSMOS plug-in with the purpose of extending the capabilities of the Eclipse Platform

  1. Title page
  2. Table of contents
  3. Preface for Legal information
  4. COSMOS design description (Scope of document)
  5. Definitions, acronyms and abbreviations
  6. COSMOS Components design description
  7. Prupose
  8. Prerequisites
    1. Hardware requirements
    2. Software requirements
    3. Optional add-ons
  9. Introduction
    1. Purpose
    2. Scope
    3. Graphic representation of overall COSMOS platform
  10. Constructing a Data Manager
  11. Extending the Web User Interface Framework
  12. Application Integration and Data Federation
  13. Management Enablement
    1. WSDM Tooling
    2. WSDM Annotations
  14. Security requirements
  15. Internationalization
  16. Appendix: API
  17. Appendix: Logging and Messaging
  18. References
  19. Glossary

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