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COSMOS Design 277054

Update COSMOS to support latest CMDBf spec

This is the design document for bugzilla 277054.

Change History

Name: Date: Revised Sections:
David Whiteman May 20, 2009
  • Initial version

Workload Estimation

To be filled in with sizings for separate work efforts. These will likely be tracked as individual defects/enhancements. Below are some rough sizings based on the draft as of a few months ago. These will need to be revisited upon further review of the current draft.

Lines 854-858: Remove the matchedRecords attribute 2 days

Section 6: There will be a service profile defined, but its use is optional, so probably there is no impact to the COSMOS implementation. 0 days

<xpathExpression> will be renamed to <xpathConstraint> and moved inside <recordConstraint> in both <itemTemplate> and <relationshipTemplate>. There can be 0..* <xpathConstraint>

<xpathSelector> (similar to <xpathConstraint>) added to <contentSelector> xpath changes: UI 2.5 days core 2.5 days

Add <BagOfProperties> as a special 'record' type in which the content is expected to be a bunch of XML elements, and for which there is no schema for the entire <BagOfProperties> 2 days

Extend the service metadata to include indications that one record type is a "sub-type" (loosely defined) of another record type.

Extend the service metadata for relationships to include naming the source role and the target role, such as indicating which is the 'antecedent' and the 'dependent' from a CIM association service metadata changes: 2.5 days

Make <recordId> in <recordMetadata> optional, and therefore <recordMetadata> can also be optional. 1 day

Move the deregistration of records to the deregister operation. Today <register> in an update mode is used for this function, but it's clumsy. 5 days (affects example registration service so maybe some UI too)

A few schema changes for extendability, mostly adding xs:any in several places. 1 day

Add an operation for each service such as GetServiceMetadata() that returns the XML document defined in the service metadata chapter in the spec. 0 days

Schema namespaces change from to UI: 1 day core: .5 day


  • UI - 3.5
  • Core - 16.5
  • Combined - 20 person days

Rough workload estimate in person weeks
Workitem Sizing Names of people doing the work Defect
Design 0
Code 0
Test 0
Documentation 0
Build and infrastructure 0
Code review, etc.* 0

'* - includes other committer work (e.g. check-in, contribution tracking)


This enhancement will update the COSMOS web UI, SDK, web services, handlers, and model to support the newest draft of CMDBf.


  • COSMOS must support the latest changes in the CMDBf spec draft

Design details

Impacts of this enhancement

Open Issues/Questions

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