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COSMOS Design 235898

Change History

Name: Date: Revised Sections:
Bill Muldoon June 27, 2008
  • Initial version

Workload Estimation

Rough workload estimate in person weeks
Process Sizing Names of people doing the work
Design 0.2 Bill Muldoon
Code 0.6
Test 0.2
Documentation 0.2
Build and infrastructure 0
Code review, etc.*

'* - includes other committer work (e.g. check-in, contribution tracking)


Each Data Manager typically has "static" properties (or non-instance data) that can be kept in the Broker.

Need to add additional static data to the COSMOS Broker..


The static properties of a Data Manager are:

  1. The Dialect, represented as a namespace (for example, SML).
  2. The SOAP version, represented as a namespace.
  3. The MdrId, a unique identifier of the MDR (this value only applies to MDRs).
  4. The Security level required by the Data Manager, also represented as a namespace value. Currently we only support basic security.

Note that all of the above properties are optional.

Relevant Use Cases

Use Case: Configure an MDR

Query for a list of MDRs and their Meta Data

Design considerations

This change impacts:

  1. the Broker registration interface must support these new values
  2. the CLI application
  3. the COSMOS UI
    • display the new properties in the properties view
    • use the security information to determine whether to prompt the user for credentials

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233690 Configuring and retrieving data manager configuration values

238298 Integrate with new data collection changes

Open Issues/Questions

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