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COSMOS Data Reporting 30-Apr-2008

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Minutes for Data Reporting sub-project call.


  • Date: 30-Apr-2008
  • Time: 9:00am EST


  • Bill
  • Jack
  • Paul
  • Sheldon
  • Leonard
  • Martin
  • John


i10 Status

i11 Planning

  • i11 Planning Spreadsheet - Media: I11BugandErs.zip
    • The following are themes used to categorize bugs and enhancements
      • Stability - bugs that will improve the stability of the driver
      • Cleanup -bugs that will help meet 1.0 release guidelines and help cleanup code
      • Improve Usability - bugs that will improve existing tooling usability
      • Framework Improvements - bugs that will improve the core ui framework
      • Improve Tooling - enhancements that will provide additional tooling to manage, visualize and query MDRs
    • Bugs and ERs were given P2,P3 or P4 priorty.
      • P1 - This is a must-have enhancement OR this enhancement blocks another enhancement that has a priority of P1 or P2.
      • P2 - This is a high priority enhancement, key to satisfying the goals of the iteration.
      • P3 - This is a medium priority enhancement that can be moved to a future iteration with minimal impact to the goals of the current iteration.
      • P4 & P5 - This is a low priority enhancement that will be addressed as time and resources permit.
    • The intentions is to fix P2, P3 bugs and fix P3 enhancements if possible
    • Bugs and ERs were given a rough sizing
      • Low - takes 1-3 days
      • Medium - takes a week
      • High - takes more than a week

Action Items

  • Bring up locale issue in community call. Should locale be set from the browser and sent to the MDR?
  • Bring up example mdr names. Find an appropriate name. Should MDR provide a display name?
  • Sheldon will add a mapping file to map MDR names with an id. The test suites should reference the ids so that the manual tests don't change from iteration to iteration.