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COSMOS Data Reporting 25-Jun-2008

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Minutes for Data Reporting sub-project call.


  • Date: 25-Jun-2008
  • Time: 9:30am EST


  • Jack
  • Sheldon
  • Leonard
  • Martin
  • John
  • Bill
  • Paul
  • Ali



i12 June 30 to July 23 (4 weeks)

Bug id Assigned to Short Description New Owner
237012 leonard.richardson@ca.com Registration Response dialog should have an animated icon  
237522 leonard.richardson@ca.com wording in popup menu for registration/deregistration  
238372 leonard.richardson@ca.com Full deregistration without prior registration, doesn't d...  
238164 leonard.richardson@ca.com Deregistration/Regisration status reponse dialog should have a scroll bar  
237981 leonard.richardson@ca.com Cannot close full registration and deregistration dialog box by pressing Esc.  
237008 martin.simmonds@ca.com Tree viewer has Replaced the Tabular viewer as Default  
238345 martin.simmonds@ca.com Problems with the tabular graph response view  
236629 martin.simmonds@ca.com Create or Use Appropriate Icons for each Dilaog  
236636 martin.simmonds@ca.com Display of Record Details Fails in Iframe when length too large  
238227 martin.simmonds@ca.com COSMOSUI tests - GraphResponseViewer, Problem with Record Details Dialog  
238298 sleeloy@ca.ibm.com Integrate with new data collection changes. Depends on 233690 JT
236720 sleeloy@ca.ibm.com General Logging JT
236721 sleeloy@ca.ibm.com General Internationalization  
236722 sleeloy@ca.ibm.com General copyright statements Martin
237009 sleeloy@ca.ibm.com When the OPEN WITH is selected it should remain the default Martin
222709 sleeloy@ca.ibm.com QueryBuilder should populate the MdrID  
236633 sleeloy@ca.ibm.com sentence fragments in properties file  
236684 sleeloy@ca.ibm.com append ERR WARNING and INFO to externalized string ids  
237483 sleeloy@ca.ibm.com title of properties dialog box.  
236670 sleeloy@ca.ibm.com Ability to delete queries JT
237380 sleeloy@ca.ibm.com Two menu items lead to the same dialog box  
238373 sleeloy@ca.ibm.com Error message under IE as "undefined is null or not an ob...  
237007 todjo06@ca.com Data Manager popup menu has no icon  
220201 todjo06@ca.com CBE log report throws an exception when clicking on a chart  
Bug Id Priority Assigned To Description new owner Sizing Rough Sizing (PD)
229800 P2 sleeloy@ca.ibm.com Provide DOJO simple method descriptions for services available in COSMOS JT Medium 5
236907 P2 sleeloy@ca.ibm.com Launching the COSMOS UI with a MDR query JT Low 3
229411 P2 sleeloy@ca.ibm.com Upgrade to Dojo 1.1 Martin Medium 5
230405 P2 sleeloy@ca.ibm.com Create a Report based on CMDBf information Sheldon High 10
237655 P2 sleeloy@ca.ibm.com Provide a reporting service group for data managers Sheldon High 9
223241 P3 sleeloy@ca.ibm.com Full screen mode toolbar button Martin Low 3
234517 P3 sleeloy@ca.ibm.com Provide the ability to contribute custom property dialogs Future Medium 5


  • Bugs targeted for i11 will try to get into this week.
  • Martin will open a bug that is related to IE.
  • Reporters will verify bugs with candidate build
  • Review i12 ERs and make sure that the targeted ERs should be in i12. Make sure we don't have any missing i12 ERs.