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Organizing code in CVS

COSMOS DC code is structured in OSGi bundles. This document is to document how the code is structured in i5, and what changes are required in i6. This is to help contributors of the project find out where should new code reside, naming convention of package names, etc.

To start with, here are some requirements:

  1. Separation of framework and extension code: code that is intended for used as an example should reside in a different bundle as the framework code
  2. The framework bundles should roughly map to the components of the DC architecture (e.g. management domain, broker, MDR, etc)

Existing bundles in the COSMOS DC project

Here are the bundles in the build as of i5:

Framework core bundles:

  1. org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.common: framework API and implementations
  2. org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.local.domain: management domain
  3. org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.local.registry: SDMX registry
  4. org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.remote.wsdm
  5. org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.mgmt.common
  6. org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.mgmt.wsdm

Bundles that contains extension code:

  1. org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.sample.components: sample component for the data collection assembly framework
  2. org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.sample.configurations: holds the assembly XML files of the sample components
  3. org.eclipse.cosmos.tptp.dependencies: TPTP dependency used by the GLA log parser example.
  4. org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.tptp.gla.components: the GLA data source component example
  5. org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.spec: Some WSDM capabilities defined by some query components
  6. org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.birt.helper: some helper methods for using the DC framework. The code should really belong to the client.

3rd party dependency

  1. org.apache.ibatis

Bundles for i6 (Proposal)

Note: the bundle directory names should match the bundle ID. There are a few bundles in the current codebase where the bundle directory name does not match the bundle ID, which need to be corrected.


  • org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.remote.wsdm


  • org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.broker (new)
  • org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.local.registry (to be replaced by org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.broker)

Data Manager/assembly:

  • org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.common (There are packages in this bundle that need to be refactored into another bundle, e.g. the registry API and implementations.)

Management domain:

  • org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.local.domain => org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.mgmt.domain

WSDM (common):

  • org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.mgmt.common => to be moved to the management enablement project
  • org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.mgmt.wsdm => to be moved to the management enablement project

Extension code:

  • org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.sample.components
  • org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.sample.configurations
  • org.eclipse.cosmos.tptp.dependencies
  • org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.tptp.gla.components
  • org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.spec => The capabilities will go in the bundles of the corresponding components. For example, the DataBrokerCapability.jara will go in the org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.broker bundle.
  • org.eclipse.cosmos.dc.birt.helper => (I think this is client code and should not be part of the dc project.)

Packaging Requirements