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COSMOS Build Schedule

Weekly integration builds schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:00 AM
  • Each subproject lead (or delegate) posts the results of the subproject JUnits to the cosmos-dev mailing list.
  • Note: this is not the TPTP JUnits due to time constraints. JUnits are to be run on Windows only. There will not be a TPTP report for weekly integration builds.
  • Note: the Data Visualization team will perform a smoke test because the UI tests are manual.
11:45 AM
  • Finish reviewing all patches from bugzilla. Check in the patch if it passes review.
  • Finish checking in all code for the weekly integration build
12:00 PM
  • Non-committers attach all patches in bugzilla
  • Build starts
  • CVS locked until Build sends an email to cosmos-dev stating that CVS is open
  • Architecture Lead or delegate notifies the RE team that the JUnit test status was reviewed and the candidate can be promoted to the official or that we need another driver spun.
1:00 PM
  • Build sends an email to cosmos-dev saying that the build is complete, though not yet available for download, and CVS is now open.
  • Build posts the candidate weekly integration build on the downloads page but does not send out the email to development yet. (See 3:00 PM.)
3:00 PM
  • Build available for download
  • Build sends an email to cosmos-dev pointing to the download page. Build will have verified that the links work (i.e., that at least one mirror has the driver) before sending out this notice.
4:00 PM
  • Once the candidate build is promoted, Build team to send a email to cosmos-dev notifying QA to pick up the build.
  • QA picks up the weekly integration build

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