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This article presents information and ideas about what the COSMOS team could do at EclipseCon 2007.

EclipseCon 2007 will be held March 5-8 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA.


The panel submission was denied!

  • Panel on open sources systems management. - Eclipse due date: 12/1
    • Who would like to participate:
      • Craig Thomas, GroundWork OpenSource (Cthomas.groundworkopensource.com)
      • Ric Telford, VP IBM Tivoli Autonomic Computing
      • Roger Castillo, AlterPoint
      • John Graham, Sybase
    • Group to define topics to be covered.
      • Why Systems Management in Eclipse?
      • What problems are we trying to solve?
      • Industry trends in open source systems management
      • What does it mean for me, the consumer of open source
      • What's all this SML stuff anyway, can't we just use (xxxxx)?
    • Candidate subjects:
      • Strength of SML as modeling language
        • vs. CIM, ODMA, ....
      • Potential for interoperability through Eclipse-based development framework
      • Benefits of community process for commercial, open source, and commercial-open source participants


Long Talk

Long Talk Denied!

  • Long talk; Resource Modeling based on SML - Eclipse due date: 12/1


Short Talk


  • Short talk; Overview on COSMOS - Eclipse due date: 1/15



  • Demo - Demos are half-hour semi-lecture style demonstrations of something interesting about Eclipse or based on Eclipse. They are rather informal, in a smaller room, and should not involve any significant slideware - perhaps an introductory slide with your name and thereafter the demo.
  • Submission deadline extended to January 31st
  • Demo showing progress on resource modeling tooling



  • Decision Pending. Vote for Pedro

Demo Script


  • Posters - Posters are, well, posters. During the poster reception session, the poster authors stand by their posters and answer questions. The rest of the time, the posters will be displayed for attendees to browse. Posters are static; there is no table and no power outlet for a demo.
  • Submission deadline extended to January 31st

Here is a link to the poster that was presented at the Eclipse Summit, Europe.

This can serve as a starting point for our poster at Eclipse Con.


Table Topic

  • Table Topic - During lunch, each table will have a table topic on a sign in the middle of the table. The goal of the table topic is that you sit at a table with other similarly-interested individuals and thus, through conversation, you can feed your mind as well as your body. Popular table topics will be assigned to multiple tables in order to accommodate everyone.
  • Submission deadline February 15th

We could probably get a few of us to talk about COSMOS. Similar to the short talk.

Should we expand this to systems management in general?


  • Birds of a Feather - Birds of a Feather meetings are informal (i.e., unplanned) one-and-a-half-hour gatherings of people who want to talk about a particular topic. BOFs are similar to Table Topics except that BOFs happen in the evenings and are semi-scheduled. Some BOFs are scheduled in advance but most BOFs are scheduled on an on-demand basis at the conference itself: hosts put up sign-up sheets, attendees sign up, and then at 5pm, the conference organizers assign rooms and times to the most popular BOFs. BOFs are open to everyone. There are typically a dozen simultaneous BOFs.

Team Travel Plans