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Att: Jason Ruth Saurabh

Review the new weekly status template

  • reviewed the weekly status page template's new bullets, SDD to start to post % complete & passed on these pages

Are we ready to start the test pass?

  • Saurabh to build the iteration candidate driver today, SDD to post its unit test status & response to the bullets on the week 5 status page
  • Saurabh may not need to re-run the tests if David hasn't checked in any changes. Saurabh to check and if no changes, won't re-run the tests (week 4 results will be used). If changes checked in then Saurabh to re-run the tests.
  • Although there was a failure in the week 4 results, we won't hold back SDD because David is on vacation and not here to be able to fix it. For Iteration 1, we'll end where we end and Iteration 2 will be the first driver that expect to have everything passing as per the process. The timing of iteration 1, with everyone's vacation, throws off the stability of Iteration 1.

Review the dates for the release review

  • these dates are tentative because we don't know when the EMO will actually schedule the review, but we're hoping that they're accurate within a week. i.e., any dates listed in the bugzilla's summary are really +- one week

Around the room

  • Mark's transition of leadership to Jason. How does this work and what's Toni's involvement?
    • Ruth hasn't been through this before, recommends that Jason meet with Mark or exchange emails to get the complete list of duties from Mark. Might also need to notify some general Eclipse Architecture group if Mark has represented COSMOS there.
    • Ruth to send the email to the EMO & company today re: Jason taking over Architecture Lead, Project Lead from Mark. For sure some records will need to be changed in Eclipse.
    • Toni's position remains unchanged unless/until she sends an email to cosmos-dev publicly like Mark did.
  • Ruth to send the Community Meeting invitation for 2009

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