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Att: Jason, Srinivas, Adriane, Saurabh, David, Ruth, Jack, Tina

  • 254518 Once Saurabh checks the final build, he can close this bugzilla
  • Ruth to ask Mark to do the final approvals of the docs
  • in the last build, no bad copyrights
  • ADB - Saurabh using ADB in the build? Thinks not. Fixed and verified. 252580
  • David to send Ruth the bugzilla numbers of the doc fixes
  • Did anyone change "IBM Inc." to "IBM Corporation" in the copyrights
  • open bugzillas against COSMOS 1.014?
  • Saurabh to close 253202
  • 245580 to close
  • 245581 to remain open, build to be redone once Ruth gets the doc updates in
  • 251519 to close
  • once past the Nov 14th, we have no immediate open items on post 1.0 items, and until they're identified, Jack will not be engaged with COSMOS. Jack will watch the mailing list, but not scheduled to engage directly.
  • who will be left from CA past the 14th? Brad is working with SDD. Ramesh and Naveen are not scheduled past the 14th, and because that removes Jack's last member that effectively removes Jack. Jimmy? Jimmy will have to speak for Jimmy. QA not continuing post 1.0. Could be renewed interest in 2009 but no answer today.