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Att: Adriane, Jason, Pam, Srinivas, Tina, Saurabh, Ruth, David

  • review the must do table and the recommended table
  • Next Summit tentatively set for Fri Dec 5 in the morning. This will be to discuss COSMOS 1.1, scheduled for June 2009. Ruth to send out the note to cosmos-dev for that, and a link to the page for the agenda items, Ruth to also send a calendar invitation. We'll need to know what resources we will have. Between 1.0 and 1.1, it's a good opportunity to get people involved in the community.
  • Jason been going out to beat the bushes to see if he can rustle up any participants who might be interested
  • did the RM meeting get rescheduled for Friday? yes
  • look for more attendance.