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Attendees: Jack, Adriane, Craig, Jason, Pam, Srinivas, Tina, Jimmy, Saurabh, Ruth


  • jettison, adb, dependency on JSONException, Ruth to check with Hubert and Sheldon for advice. Can we jettison Jettison? There's no CQ to piggyback off of.
  • ADB - David spoke with Hubert and that should be a simple change re: MDR Toolkit
  • ADB - has CA finished this?
  • Jack to help Ruth with the about.html by doing the ones for SML and SDD. Ruth done one for the CMDBf plugins and is working on the one for DOJO. These need to be in the candidate driver on Nov 8. Ruth to provide instructions to Jack.


  • 229078 about.html Ruth and Jack (as per above comment)
  • 246855 Saurabh to close
  • 250489 Done. Pam to close.
  • 248451 Ruth provided list. Saurabh to continue.
  • 251738 Mark to approve
  • 251739 Mark to approve
  • 219130 Pam to complete by Oct 31

Bugs targeted to a past iteration

  • Jason to move the SDD bugs that are targeted to i13 to a current iteration


  • Jimmy to look at the two files for DC and get the copyrights added/updated
  • Jason to look at the files for ME and get the copyrights added/updated
  • Jack to look at the files for DR and get the copyrights added/updated

About.html failures

  • Once the candidate driver is respun with the about.html from Ruth and Jack this list should be re-checked. There are expected failures today due to these missing about.html.

Web page

  • Everyone to think about which wiki pages should be promoted to the main site and to tell Ruth what they are. Ruth will promote the pages. This is to update the COSMOS web site as per Wayne Beaton's comments. (Wayne will review COSMOS and he is the Technology PMC member who gave COSMOS permission to proceed with a release review.)

User's guide

  • User's guide makes references to deployment options (SDD). This needs to be removed
  • User's guide is making use of the existing tutorials. Pam or Jack to email Ruth with a link to these tutorials so that she can make them look like Phoenix pages and link to them from the main documentation page
  • Pam will attach one zip to each of the bugzillas, Ruth to mark it iplog+ and post it on while Saurabh will take the zips and create links to them from the downloads page like he did for DOJO

Other doc

  • 247926 -> Saurabh to put a link to the readme on the downloads page
  • 250489 -> Close when Pam attaches content.
  • when Pam emails Ruth on Friday to say that the doc are attached to bugzillas (listing the bugzilla numbers), Ruth to email cosmos-dev with links to the docs to say that we will review them in next week's Community Call. Any requested changes must be requested via bugzilla and in that call we will triage the new bugzillas to determine if they go into the README or if they will be fixed post 1.0.


  • Ruth to post to cosmos-dev the list of response vs non-response and to state that on Halloween committer status will be removed for the listed individuals

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