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Att: Jimmy, Tina, Ruth, Srinivas, Saurabh, Craig, David

  • Community: Jason has approached SAP and Jimmy has approached HP. Hoping to get some response.
  • COSMOS and specification: both are hoping that the other will help them along. specification is new.
  • IP log, quick look, lot of them were a committer attaching a patch because we were in "no code commit" mode.

Query showing COSMOS bugzillas with patches

  • for any committed by Ali, David to mark the bugzilla
  • Craig Thomas one, David to mark the bugzilla
  • Sheldon to take care of Sheldon's
  • Hubert to take care of Hubert's
  • Saurabh to take care of Jagmit's
  • IBM to take care of IBM
  • SAS to take care of SAS
  • Jimmy Mohsin: CA, Don Ebright, Joel Hawkins

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