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Att: Paul, Srinivas, Saurabh, Tina, Jason, Ruth

  • we have two mentors
  • send the release review slides to Anne Jacko, finish the IP log, send the IP log to Eclipse Legal
  • Ruth to ask Hubert to open the IPzillas for the two remaining Axis2 files
  • Ruth to send the email to the inactive committers
  • Ruth to book a meeting with Bjorn and the two mentors to review where we're at (overview)
  • Saurabh packaged the DOJO artifacts in the places where Sheldon mentioned, and then David said that he would modify the MDR toolkit and make the changes. Paul to speak with Saurabh to iron out the install instructions.
  • 250095 Srinivas. Update due to DOJO in the build. Srinivas updated the page, COSMOS demo i14.
  • right now they only have the install guide
  • user guide they have not received a working version of the user guide
  • Paul to check out the user guide and send them to Pam
  • Pam made the updates based on Paul's feedback. DOJO and Axis2 outstanding. When Pam sends Paul back the changes, Paul to distribute them internally
  • when will the wiki page be updated with that information? Ruth to speak with Hubert and get back to Paul.
  • Jack to cover for Paul on next week's Architecture Call. Paul moving away from COSMOS and someone else to pick that up.
  • there's a couple of ERs need to be retargeted. Intention was to do that but not done yet.
  • technical writers do not review the Javadoc. Minimum is that the Javadoc must be in the code; nice-to-have is to post it on the web as well.