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Att: Jimmy, Ruth, Paul, Jason, Srinivas, Pam, Saurabh

  • double-check with Jack but believe that 235672 was agreed to be deferred
  • Ruth struck out looking for mentors personally and Jimmy's CA contact has left CA. Ruth sent a general "please tell us if you'd like to be a member" note to the EAC mailing list
  • Ruth to look into the inactive committers process and get that ball rolling this week
  • Ruth has not scheduled the release review with the EMO because we'd like Bjorn to look at our current release review slides and give us some feedback first
  • Ruth asked IBMers to look at the IP log and confirm the ones that are still active, also to say what plug-ins contain what so that the about.html files can be written
  • copyrights. CA, SAS, IBM to check their own copyrights and we'll reject the one for Compuware because we don't want to speak on Compuware's behalf.
  • 219138 is a P2. Jimmy to update the bugzilla.
  • Jason to check on the 1.0i13 bugs; either done or will be moved. Won't need to do these in 1.0.
  • Ruth to create a 1.1 target in bugzilla
  • Ruth to change bugzillas targeted to david or saurabh or herself that are i13 to i14 or 1.1
  • Saurabh, David, and Jason have some untargeted. Once 1.1 target is created, please target these bugzillas.
  • CA 85% complete but we are largely done.
  • Saurabh to follow up with David and Sheldon re: DOJO plug-in, cc Ruth
  • Doc items - should ask Pam for updates? No, current owners remain. Paul provided a marked up word doc to Pam. Pam to update the HTML. Then those modified files to be submitted back to CVS by a committer.
  • HTML files, getting them en masse. Pam to use WTP or Eclipse? Paul never got WTP working with Eclipse. Pam has got what she needs to make progress. Pam to make the edits in an outside editor and then send them back to Jimmy.
  • Pam hasn't received any user guide updates from David or Jack.
  • Paul to follow up with Jack on the user guide
  • if we have follow up from the release review, then the release notes may need to change. We should have the draft ready for the release review.
  • Bjorn out traveling this week; try to schedule the meeting with him next week

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