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Attendees: Paul, Jason, Ruth, Saurabh, Srinivas, Jimmy, Tina, Jack

  • changed the schedule from Oct 10 to 17 because we have to submit the IP log to Eclipse Legal at least three weeks in advance
  • move 242766 (Axis2 zip file) to future, Ruth to open another bugzilla to provide Saurabh with a list of all of the Axis2 files that we will prereq on the download page
  • Ruth to set up an offline meeting to find out what plugins have 3rd party content and what that content is in order to write the about.html files. Ruth to get help writing these about.html files.
  • contextual help might need to be upgraded to a P1. Content to be written first.
  • for "in research" components, the process is the same: Project Lead has to approve, and then the Project Lead adds them to the Countdown page table.
  • anything P3 to go into the Recommended table. P3 is for the new people in RM. Some minor items to bring them up to speed but we want to be able to defer them if it turns out that we've bitten off more than we can chew.
  • Everyone who has an assignment that is on the Countdown page, please update the Status column at least once a week before the Community call so that anyone can look at the status at any time and see where we stand.
  • Saurabh to follow up with Jason off-line to find out when the post-COSMOS 1.0 build will be needed. Jason's SDD team will be the first people to need this, but we'll probably need this build before the 1.0 GA because things will be so controlled by then that the project would be at a standstill if we didn't have another build/driver to work with
  • before scheduling the meeting with Bjorn, and before sending in the Release Review slides, get the mentors. Order of operation:
  1. get mentors
  2. meet with mentors
  3. meet with Bjorn
  4. send IP log to Eclipse Legal
  5. send Release review slides to EMO, book Release Review