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Att: Paul, Charlie, Tina, Srinivas, Jack, Ruth, Saurabh, Martin, Jason, Jimmy

  • ask Bjorn re: inactive. e.g. Sheldon to go inactive when he'll respond to DOJO IP questions, technical questions?
  • Sept 12 not applicable for marginally active people such as Sheldon pending Bjorn's response. but for Richard Vasconi etc. will be gone
  • mentor - Ruth to follow up with Harm
  • Ruth to hijack the Tues 9 am slot next week to update the release review slides. Ruth to send out an invitation.
  • Ruth to set up a meeting with Bjorn to ask about the format of the release review, FYI on 0.9, tell him about what's been happening in COSMOS
  • are we on track for releasing an i13 iteration driver?
    • DV: 245568, 246538 should be submitted tomorrow.
    • DC: Martin to look at 2 bugs in the morning. Either estimating how long to fix or defer to i14.
  • tomorrow potentially ask for a respin of the build. Then Srinivas to retest the areas affected.
  • iteration candidate was provided on Monday and Srinivas started testing that and has come up with his status
  • how much change in i14 to fix stability etc. bugs?
    • Don't know yet. Some bugs pushed to i14.
    • Relatively few outside the area of Resource Modeling
    • one in Data reporting that is more in line of an enhancement
    • two raised in DC as bugs in i13
  • on Nov 14, release either a 1.0 GM candidate if we don't have Eclipse Legal approval or 1.0. Have the reviews either way.
  • IP Zilla
  • docs? We've got ownership for the overall documents and for most of the individual chapters. CA Tech Pubs people procedure as to how they'll do the updates as they're not committers. We need to set the date for another doc review and have everyone assigned to do that review and to provide their updates. During the i14 time span.
    • Jimmy to own User Guide
    • Paul to own Install Guide
    • David and Jack to own the Developer Guide
    • logging guide incorporated into the user guide
    • javadoc still needs to be written but that's in the code itself