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Att: Paul Saurabh Leonard Sheldon Srinivas David Jack Jason Tina

Are docs an exposure for COSMOS 1.0?

  • installation guide. some changes. some formatting and additional information with regards to the Axis2 package. That's something that Hubert was finishing up.
  • developer guide and user guide. there are empty paragraphs (headings with no content). haven't made a note of what they are.
  • some sort of release notes to list known issues
  • SML docs don't go very low level. high level API stuff. don't say that we support xml:base or whatever. David to look at it but from memory nothing should need to change.
  • HTML & PDF versions have been submitted to CVS. We're supposed to be updating the HTML. They're the only ones we're going to update. Process for building those docs into something that's either going to be put on the wiki?
  • we have two help plugins built by Rich. They are subsets of the user guide and developer guide. we have html guides that represent the entire user/developer guide. there are two copies of this guide. we have to update the information in two places.
  • can the plug-ins be built from the HTML? that sounds like it could work. when they rebuilt the help files they added some anchors in there. not sure if they updated the big doc as well. to have contextual help from the SML tooling there has to be ?? in the tooling. wondering if when it's added also the full user guide so that as part of the build copy them in there.
  • David to send Ruth an HTML file so that she can test hosting HTML on the server
  • move the PDF and DITA in CVS to archive
  • HTML is now the master copy
  • Action:
    • 1. Host the HTML off of the "Documentation" tab on the home page. This to be done by the build team.
    • 2. Build team to put a link on the COSMOS 1.0 Download page to zip files of the HTML content that is not included in the driver
    • 3. We will NOT send copies of the doc plug-ins to because they would be out of context.
    • 4. Paul and Hubert to make adjustments to the installation guide.
    • 5. Each project lead to ask their team to review the user guide and developer guide to find any gaps and recommend if we need to remove the blank headers or fill in information.
    • 6. Jack/Paul to investigate whether CA can have someone join part time to help with the docs. Someone to own the doc, not necessarily an information professional, but someone who can check to see that all of the parts are there.

Countdown list

  • Jimmy to add a couple of bugzillas to the list
  • Jimmy had moved to future a bug that had been under Bill's ownership
  • Ruth to send Jimmy an email to ask if he's done with the updates to the countdown page?
  • David to check the SML docs to see if the bullet stating that "SML docs will not be complete by 1.0" can be removed or not.
  • DOJO zip file and Axis2 zip file will affect the installation guide and the toolkit file. MDR toolkit is very dependent on changes like this.
  • everyone to review the countdown page and let Ruth know if any changes need to be made.
  • SDD in research items. what needs to happen for 1.0 for these? Hopefully will have a driver to download but may not be milestone level. Whatever we get done is what gets done.
  • who will take over the Community call starting next week? Will Tina be able to take this on?
  • who will take over the DV call starting next week? Consolidate the DC, DV, and architecture call again. Leave RM and ME separate for now.
    • Wed 9 AM for the combined DV/DC/arch call
    • existing DV (DR) call to be canceled
    • existing DC call to be canceled
    • existing architecture call to be canceled
  • leadership of DV? Martin? Because Sheldon needs to change the default bugzilla owner. Paul and Jack to discuss off-line. May not need to change the official lead now.
  • Getting to COSMOS 1.0 is going to be quite a task. We've got a lot of the points down that need to be done but think it's still going to be a big task to get it there.
  • Ruth recommends that the team set up regular meetings with Bjorn. Need to set up a meeting with him now that the countdown page is ready and we can talk to a plan. Preference is for a meeting on Thursday or Friday this week but otherwise during next week's Community Call.

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