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Agenda for this meeting

Minutes for July 30, 2008 meeting

Attendees: Jagmit, Srinivas, Leonard, JT, Ruth, Martin, Tina, David, Sheldon, Hubert

i12 iteration candidate

    • finished some testing. Running an i12 test. Found around five issues they are not blocking and some are already fixed that need to be verified in the new build.
    • 242218 is fixed but not in the build
    • 242220 is also fixed
    • waiting for 237454. This bug is there from the last iteration. Heap memory issue and not sure how to overcome this. Assigned to Jimmy which means it's not assigned. Defer to i13.
    • 242562. This is related to the example MDR. Not sure if it's a quick fix or not but suspect that this problem was there before. Hubert to investigate and report back on this wiki with a recommendation stop ship or not.
    • 242556. Problem is the exception occurs that doesn't show the exception to the user. User is shown that no data is found. Not a stop-ship because it does show that no data was found.

Sheldon: could be another bug. Certain queries are throwing exceptions. Martin will open that bug. This one will be stop-ship.

Martin and Hubert to notify Jagmit if their bugs will be stop ship so that they know that they'll need to run another build.


  • data collection. Need to investigate Martin's and Hubert's before running the tests.
  • data visualization. as above.
  • everything ok as per expectations. things are breaking because we're still in a state of flux.
  • not waiting on anything for the MDR toolkit.


  • Bobby was working on creating a setup on the Windows machine. We'll follow up on this off-line.
  • Ruth's stuff not stop-ship for i12.
  • ME. all defer. will this affect anyone else's code? no, isolated.
  • RM status up to date? Yes. Anything not done in i12 will be done in i13.
  • DC. Hubert's defer to i13 or 1.0? Not decided yet. Think it's unlikely for i13.
  • Doc. Ruth to send a note once the HTML is generated. these to be deferred to i13.
  • QA. 238089 will be done for next week, other two are done this week.


  • No progress yet on the alternative (i.e., provide more people to Eclipse)
  • This version of log4j comes with axis2. So when people install Axis2 they will have this version installed. It's not something that we package.
  • Ruth to email Janet to switch the order of log4j and SML
  • Ruth to email Anne Jacko to ask her permission to have the release review closer to the actual release date rather than five weeks in advance
  • Once Ruth has spoken with Janet and Anne she can make a recommendation on how to proceed with 0.9 and 1.0.


  • for SML and one for CMDBf BIRT but otherwise should be fine.
  • has anyone spoken about the end goals for the stability phase? Based on the current QA performance and stability tests? Don't have any benchmarks. Racking up the number of queries to second, to MDR, number of concurrent users?
  • Paul put together the original thoughts on performance criteria quite some time ago. Need to dust that off and discuss it.
  • David to work with Paul for the Architecture call three weeks from now their proposal on stability, etc. For a kick off just go through the current document. Paul to put a link to that document in the Architecture call agenda "to be reviewed on <date>". And Srinivas to put a link to the performance as well.

Summit Friday next week?

  • Ruth to send out the calendar notice and agenda
  • Hubert and David will need to be absent from 11 - 12 that morning.
  • Paul will be on vacation that morning

Jimmy's questions

  • Sheldon to post the answer to question #1 on the wiki minutes some time within the next week
  • JT to post the answer to question #2 on the wiki minutes some time within the next week
  • David to post the answer to question #3 on the wiki minutes some time within the next week
  • Srinivas is testing that the ERs work as per the last comment.

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