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Attendees: Ruth, Jagmit, Leonard, Hubert, Srinivas, JT, Sheldon, Jack, Tina, Jimmy, David, Paul, Jason

  • Ruth to send an email to Anne Jacko to get confirmation of how soon before the release of 0.9 that we need to have the release review
  • bugzillas are partially there on the i12 page. At least the runtime portion of SDD we're still evaluating where we align with P2. Neck deep in code right now comparing P2 to COSMOS SDD. That makes it challenging figuring out which bugzillas need to be entered. On the tooling side, Eric is targeting i13 for the bulk of those. Any idea when you can finish that assessment? Not comfortable with a reliable estimate at this point because still exploring; in the next couple of weeks we should know. P2 engine and director stuff is rather extensive. Can assess during the first test week of i12 when we're working out the i13 plan.
  • Ruth to contact Bjorn to find out if we can 0.9 SML, 0.9 CMDBf, alpha SDD tooling, is that enough for approving the COSMOS 0.9 release?
  • i12 week 2
    • blocks just DV. Sheldon already fixed the bugs.
  • Still not able to run JUnits yet. Bobby says that he requires ant 1.7. Issue is that our build system is using Ant 1.6.5.
    • Package ant in our build on the server.
    • If can't package ant, then Bobby was going to contact Eclipse to see if the ant could be upgraded.
    • vanilla JUnits instead of TPTP JUnits? Won't make a difference.
    • RM bugzillas still accurate? yes. 237921/237872 are started and on track. The rest is not started. Little concerned about completing all of this. When will you know when/if the plan needs to be reassessed? Depends on when those bugzillas are done; may not know for a couple of weeks. Ones for SML are i12/i13 overlapping. May be okay to assess the plan for this in two weeks or so. David to update the table to reflect Hubert's name in some rows. 237954 is complete. David to update the i12 plan table and Ruth to update the status template so that it links to the i12 plan.
    • DV bugzillas still accurate? No. Some pushed to i13. Overall we're on track.
    • DC bugzillas still accurate? Had the DC call yesterday, went through some ERs that Hubert was down for. Hubert been reassigned to the SML enhancements, and potentially Bill will pick up some of those? There was interest in two, but only one in the end will be picked up: 233690. Second one, 238450, will discuss further. Jimmy will need to update the i12 table to net out the DC discussion. Overall status orange but still under assessment.
    • Doc. Richard said that everything would be available by July 3. Installation guide is checked in; Ruth to check with Richard the status of the other two guides.
    • Srinivas. QA on track.
  • Legal
    • no update yet.
    • Sheldon to add a comment to the DOJO bugzilla to prod Eclipse Legal into saying if they know off of the top of their head if there's going to be a problem with this version like they had with the last version.