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Att: Martin, Saurabh, Jimmy, Yan, Srinivas, Bill, Paul, Hubert, Leonard, Sheldon, David, Ruth, Rich, Jeff


  • CA: corporate attorney, Jim Saliba, has spent some time with the Eclipse Legal team. If we submit a stripped down version of DOJO, version 1.1, then there is a possibility that we can get the legal review done in time for COSMOS 1.0.
  • IBM: working on providing a stripped down version of DOJO.


  • plan is to look at the remaining IPZillas, withdraw anything that we don't need any more, and for the remaining ask Eclipse Legal how much time to clear them and how many people they'd need to close on them sooner
  • close on the i12 plan by Friday this week

M3 driver

  • anything that would prevent us from releasing candidate #3 as our M3 driver?
  • yes, a bug was opened yesterday. 238436 This has to do with the hierarchial graph response viewer. Doesn't show the correct response. Ali has a fix in hand. It's removing two lines of code. Want to get this fix into i11. Doesn't show the complete results to the user. How risky is this fix? Low risk. If we check this in, which tests would we need to re-run. Viewing the graph response using the tree viewer. Maybe 2 or 3 manual tests. Who would run those? John Todd owns the defect. Defect was introduced by a fix at the beginning of the test phase. Sheldon to add the names of the tests for John Todd to rerun. When will this fix be checked in? In the next hour.
  • Saurabh can kick off a build at 12 noon. Just let RE team know that the fix is checked in and ready to go.
  • Once this fix is checked in, candidate #4 built, tested, is there anything else that would prevent candidate #4 from being our milestone 3 driver?
  • There's a RM defect. 4 out of 200 failures. If this was a severe problem then more tests would be failing.
  • John Todd to send an email to cosmos-dev to let us know when he's done with the testing and to let us know that we're good to release M3.


  • any bugzillas with design docs or use cases outstanding?
  • regarding some of the SDD work, just finished putting out the initial list. Still looking at this list to figure out what is containable for i12
  • Team leads to follow up to ensure that we have a design doc
  • Ruth to send out an invitation to a meeting on Friday to finalize the i12 plan with the various leads

Technical review of documentation

  • Rich has received a lot of feedback. incorporating those comments. Also creating the install guide using the DITA tool, which should be done today or tomorrow morning.
  • Just one thing that Rich is missing. Rich just plugging away and will try to get this done.
  • process on how the documentation will be updated? Nothing final yet. Looking into the DITA tool and working on how the documents will be updated.
  • if we could have anything, what would be the best idea? DITA
  • who would update the doc? developers. That could lead to inconsistencies; can someone own the docs and be responsible for quality?
  • Rich to write a tutorial on how to write DITA documentation. It simplifies how you write things. Makes it easier for the user to understand the documention. Rich to customize this tutorial for COSMOS.

Around the room

  • Eclipse 3.4 was released today. BIRT, EMF, etc. will all be released in the next day or so. We need to move up.
  • John Todd checked in the fix. Saurabh to kick off the candidate #4 build and tell John Todd when it's ready to test.