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Attendees: Martin Domenica Saurabh Bill Paul Srinivas Yan Sheldon Jason Leonard David JT Jack Rich Ruth

Bugzilla changes

FYI re: bugzilla changes

i12 planning

For an i12 enhancement to go into plan, it must have a design document. And that design document must be reviewed and approved. And anyone else who needs to react to that design document by changing their code also needs a design document if it's an enhancement for them. V0.9 must be stable so there will be extra scrutiny on anything that could destabilize the code base.

DOJO may not be approved

Eclipse Legal saying that DOJO may not be approved ever. Sheldon following up with them to see if it's certain files that are the problem and then if so can we remove them and function without them? If so then let's remove them and ship what's left. Eclipse Legal has reviewed two prior versions of DOJO and rejected them. ATF's IPZilla was rejected. Aperi uses it? Aperi lists that it depends on "any Ajax runtime" on its web site, which probably means that they don't need an IPZilla. Bill to check with them.

  • Bill to follow up with Aperi re: DOJO.
  • Sheldon to follow up with Eclipse Legal re: DOJO.
  • Ruth to contact the EMO to see if we can have the release review even though we're waiting for DOJO.

Summit Agenda

  • split the Summit into two meetings because we need Mark to validate the completed use cases.
  • Meeting 1:
  • is the iteration driver ready for QA to test?
  • dojo update
  • jimmy's bullets
  • review the use cases and identify which ones need to be cleaned up and if the owner is current. The owners to clean them up for Summit meeting part 2. No new use cases.
  • Meeting 2:
  • next week review use cases with Mark
  • new use cases if applicable
  • plan i12
  • review first draft of the slides


  • Jimmy updated the status of individual parts for data collection. everything is on track with the exception of strategic security ER. even there the news is pretty decent. implemented bare=bones security. Higgins still an open issue, won't be completed in i11. Being turned into an i12 item. Hubert to continue the testing on the i11 driver later today and Jimmy will upate the wiki then. had the meeting with Toni but need more followups. Broke into two pieces: one is complete. that is all on track. tested security internally with one of the CA products. longer term to do encryption and will do encryption and authentication.
  • externalization. some still needs to be finished but original code structured pretty well. i18n as an exercise to externalize our strings?
  • logging complete.
  • clean API will update on the next call.


  • all strings externalized
  • security same story as DC. implemented some basic security. bugzilla 231400. in i11 what does that mean it does that mean that when we launch the UI it will launch a password? the UI doesn't ask for a credential; it's up to the user to know that they need to authenticate. they have to initially send a request to get prompted for a name/password. if there's an error then need to prompt them?
  • Higgins. more enhancements for the UI based on the work that we're going to do with Higgins.
  • logging. might be some work changing some of the message IDs. Message IDs have to be in a particular format and DV not doing that
  • clean up API done.


  • externalization: done
  • security: no security reqm'ts on RM
  • logging: use the Eclipse facility. Doesn't make sense to use the log4j.
  • clean API: gone through and renamed the packages to conform to the guidelines. provisional classes have appropriate comments



  • some tooling code checked in by Eric. externalization/internationalization is not applicable.
  • security not applicable.
  • logging using log4j
  • API using the package names as appropriate.

Jason to check with Eric about externalizing exception messages, log messages.

  • every component have its own log? David to add that to the Summit agenda.


  • similar comments as the SML tooling for the ME toolkit. API clean, strings externalized.


- does the QA team have what it needs to test next week? assuming driver on time? yes, and will include David's tooling - in the summit state when QA will have a driver


  • only thing missing for the user's guide and developers guide is the overview section and that could be simple. but all of the other information is there and is being incorporated into DITA. Books should be ready by Tuesday. Doing some online helps for David.
  • what forms will the book be in? PDF and also HTML. In the future, for updating, you can update the HTML web pages for updates.
  • where will this live? in CVS. Rich will create instructions to show us where the files are. create a diagram to
  • if we update the DITA files, can we generate the HTML and PDF from that as part of the build? Yes.
  • is there a facility once we're updating the doc in an ongoing basis print the user guide in its entirety or can we print everything? think you can print out the whole book

Around the room

  • arch call tomorrow? yes, Sheldon to run it.

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