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Att: Rich, Saurabh, David, Martin, Paul, Jack, Ruth, JT, Bill, Srinivas, Sheldon, Mark, Leonard, Jimmy, Yan, Jason


  • Jimmy to update the status on the weekly status page.
  • Ruth to summarize the duties that Jimmy needs to do as part of being a team lead (either Google to find an existing wiki page or send Jimmy an email).
  • Everyone who owes Rich information to get it to him ASAP. Development guide at risk for M3. (One will be delivered but it will have information gaps.)
  • convert one test week to a development week provided that the cleanup and refactoring is done before the other ER work; Ruth to update the Release Plan
  • ran out of time, could not discuss the communication with Eclipse Legal, will push that to next week's Community Call agenda.

Test status Data Visualization: Srinivas and Martin looked at the candidate driver and there's some issues: Linux, IE. Are these issues severe enough that we should spin a new candidate? Will take more than a day to fix the problems. Still need to run a full test pass to see if there are any other issues. Bugzillas open for these bugs? Will do. Will declare this build broken for DV for this week and will work to fix the problems by the end of this week.

  • SML: 100% run, 100% good
  • CMDBf: David's 100% run, 100% good, but need to get status from Hubert
  • Management Enablement: 100% good
  • Data Collection: yesterday we had the first meeting and they were talking about two i11 bugs. They decided on those bugs, one open issue that was deferred until the next meeting. Annotations code covered by tests? David and Hubert to run the tests, Jimmy to report the status. On track: version of SOAP 1.1 and 1.2, preregistering the data managers. Deferred: mapping the CMDBf query to SQL. Deferred until next week.

Data Visualization (Sheldon) are all of these containable in i11? Sheldon needs to update this page. In the DV call today the bugs are on track. There are some enhancements that will be pushed out:

  • 224166 (Ali working on that, depending on how much time there is in i11, could be pushed out),
  • 230405 (we don't really know what's involved with this enhancement at this point),
  • 222504, 211093 (these two being pushed out because another enhancement, security, that has to be done needs to be contained instead).

Work with David enhancing the tooling. Sheldon to open up the enhancements to track that. That's in support of 220639. Launch COSMOS web UI from within Eclipse, give it an EPR of a data manager directly without going through a broker. Part of the ability to test a data manager from within Eclipse.

Resource Modeling (David) Under code cleanup the one item is mostly done.

  • Got partially through debugging 200423.
  • 199164 almost complete other than testing with the latest Eclipse build (waiting for a fix from Eclipse).
  • 229890 Martin from SAS wanted to take a look at that one.
  • 221409 unclear as to the importance of it. WTP thinks that the SML DTD is a different type than it thinks that it is. Priority of that is open for debate because it's not causing any of our current use cases to fail that we're aware of.
  • 185391 may need to be deferred. Export is the least important use case because there's more compelling use cases for importing and validating and editing. It's more of a how are we going to handle provide default aliases.
  • 228223 pass when you run the JUnits alone but when run under TPTP you get failures.

Management Enablement (Jason)

  • status on this page is fairly accurate. Jason did not get an update on 216632 from Jimmy or an update on 224079 from Mark and also on this page there are some bugzillas missing. Jason will move those over and make the status accurate.
  • 224079 is Hubert working on that under a different ER? No, he's working on 224079; Mark to assign the bugzilla to Hubert.
  • 220639 is this the one that Sheldon wanted to raise? David says that it's on track.
  • cancel 224214 (no longer needed)
  • 220594 depends on work from Rich. David needs a doc plug-in for the toolkit to hook up the UI to it. Rich to have that to David tomorrow.
  • 230282 still unstarted, still in plan, can contain as long as we can have that extra week.

Re/Build team status (Saurabh)

  • build automation on Linux by the end of this week. Problem is with TPTP 4.5; switched to TPTP 4.4 and the problem goes away. The test automation will be run on Monday; the reports will be generated automatically on Monday and checked into CVS manually for now.
  • any that are not started are still in plan for i11?
  • 216771 - candidate to move out

QA (Srinivas)

  • did some end-to-end testing
  • working on two enhancements
  • working on JBoss worked well

Web/Documentation (Rich)

  • created a user's guide document, will create a draft so that people can review and close most of the user's guide document
  • not sure if the developer's guide can be completed by i11 or not. People need to get their docs to Rich now it can't be done by the end of the month.
  • everyone who owes Rich information to get it to him ASAP

COSMOS schedule

  • get closure on the cleanup and refactoring it. If that work could be closed that would be extremely helpful.
    • Data Visualization: any refactoring remaining? Only cleanup is documenting the APIs. Some ERs for externalizing messages, API cleanup. Tokens on package names is done. There's probably some cases where some strings need to be externalized.
    • Resource Modelling: two defects, one of them was mostly done but still need to do that work on the repository plug-in. (Package names). Plus 218814. No updated status yesterday on that.
    • Management Enablement: 229962 is complete.
    • Data Collection: 229955, archiving the plug-ins, did most of that already.
  • convert one test week to a dev't week provided that the cleanup and refactoring is done before the other ER work


  • ran out of time, could not discuss the communication with Eclipse Legal, will push that to next week's Community Call agenda.

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