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Attendees: Ruth, Rich, Bill, Srinivas, Saurabh, JT, Don, Sheldon, Jimmy, Paul, Martin, Mark W, Mark McCraw, David, Jason


  • Saurabh to change the weekly candidate build wiki template to reflect the new project leads and the new enhancements that are in plan once Ruth sends him the list of what to change
  • Ruth and Saurabh to meet tomorrow to discuss the RE/Build team's enhancements and plan for i11
  • Everyone to update the weekly candidate wiki page with status by 5 PM today
  • Joe, Sheldon, and JT will talk off-line to settle the questions around 230473
  • Jason to update the i11 plan page to fold SDD under Management Enablement to be consistent with the other subteams. Once Jsaon is done he will email Ruth to tell her that the page is updated and then Ruth will send an email to Saurabh explaining how to update the weekly candidate build wiki template.
  • Srinivas will update the weekly candidate build wiki page with QA status even though QA doesn't test weekly builds. (Note: need to rename the wiki page to reflect that it's for weekly status, not just candidate build status.)
  • Srinivas will update the i11 plan page with any long term QA items
  • Ruth to retire the i11 plan page once the data has been moved to the official release plan.
  • Ruth to schedule one review session for the upcoming iteration: an hour or two meeting, with the first hour for each team, and the second hour for any items that the team leads think need to be discussed in the wider COSMOS community. After the review the designer adapts the design as per the feedback and sends an email to the team leads to notify them to review the updates on the wiki page. The team leads add their +1/-1 on the bugzilla directly.
  • Ruth to update the development process as per the bullet above

i11 status

  • has anyone had a chance to run the tests? the first build there was a problem with the client. wasn't able to register the data managers. Jagmit created a second or third candidate around 5 yesterday. Need an hour or two.
  • the wiki "candidate build" template is out of date. Needs to be updated.
  • bugzillas on data collection section are current, Jimmy will report status by end of day today
  • Sheldon: Bugs are still on track. One bug, 230473, which needs to be added to the list. Improve titles and ? on the statistical charts. Need feedback from Joel on what the initial data is about to determine the right titles and labels. Joel Sheldon JT will talk off-line to settle this one.
  • enh might be pushed out is 222504 UI cannot show the query request (at risk)
  • 229411 DOJO 1.1 pushed out

i11 status: QA

  • QA has a wiki page
  • any way to communicate to the community what QA is doing?
  • Srinivas had a wiki page for previous iterations for people to contribute to the test plan. i9 and i10. That was to bring QA on-line. We don't have an ongoing tracking.
  • update weekly status on the candidate page
  • update long term on the i11 plan page

i11 status: Resource Modelling

  • info on the wiki page is up to date

i11 status: Management Enablement (Jason)

  • Jason starting a ME meeting to mirror the other teams
  • Nothing at risk
  • SDD team working on removing references to Tuscany, otherwise no code yet
  • Jason planning to update the i11 plan page to merge the SDD items in with the Management Enablement. Will notify Ruth when done.

i11 status: RE (Saurabh)

  • running JUnits as part of the build. Can run them on Windows but our build machine is on Linux so they are having problems. What are people using? IBM people are using Windows. It's a problem with the TPTP test framework on Linux. Workaround is to kick off the JUnits on a Windows machine. Plan is for this to be kicked off one week from now.
  • are we still on track for finishing all of these bugzillas for i11?
  • Saurabh and RUth to sync up tomorrow to figure out an i11 plan for the RE/Build team

i11 status: Legal/Release review/graduation (Ruth)

  • the list of files needing an about.html file is generated by a program that looks for the file to exist in every archive whether it's a plug-in or not. Need to check with Eclipse Legal to see if only plug-in archives need this file.
  • cleaning up the committer list; Ruth to follow up with Mark off-line

Design process: Jason/David

  • as Jason working through some of the design documentation for the SDD runtime, wasn't clear on how we came to resolution on the design, back and forth on the dev list on what the process should be
  • David explained what had happened in practice.
  • In practice, had the design review meetings, developers went through each design, people would give their input, designer would go off and make changes to that input. Let's review it and give you input on that approach. There was no follow-up on to ensure that the changes were made.
  • need to have a "design review" day in the schedule. There was a milestone of sorts. See Cosmos_Release_Plan#Release_Milestones for "**High-level designs for iX Complete**" occurrences.
  • update our dev process to be more explicit, and as part of that process we will every iteration we will have a design review session for the next iteration, and this is what happens after the designers go off. wiki off-line where each team lead marks their approval after reading. do this in bugzilla to maintain the bugzilla history.
  • there's a number of designs, team lead to do the first review,notify the community of any of interest to the wider community
  • keep the design document and the review as closely associated as possible. Use the review field on the actual bug that's there. if there's a design that spans multiple bugzillas then we'll do something else but by default that's what we'll do.
  • Ruth to schedule one review session for the upcoming iteration. probably had an hour or two meeting. some designs are brief. create a wiki page and team leads add anything that they need to discuss on that page.

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