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COSMOS Community Call Minutes - May 14 ,2008

Attendees: Tania, Rich, Srinivas, Saurabh, Ruth, JT, Martin, Bill, Leonard, Paul, Sheldon, Jack, Don, David, Mark, Jimmy


  • Open a bug to track progress on fix for missing BIRT package in build - JT
  • Update integration build page to reflect status of current i11 items - Project Leads
  • Update release plan page to show current release plan - Tania
  • Connect with Jason on getting an SDD update at the Summit and adding install/upgrade/uninstall Data Manager discussion on the agenda for an upcoming SDD call - Tania
  • Confirm with Ali that Registering/Deregistering configuration items of an MDR with a federating CMDB use cases have been satisfied - Tania
  • Update the Updating Meta-data of MDRs use case to include scenario where the broker can be queried for meta-data of all registered MDRs - Jimmy
  • Open enhancements to capture distribution of locale information in COSMOS runtime and post them to the i18n use case - Sheldon
  • Check on whether or not the build currently verifies non-localized strings and update the i18n use case - Saurabh
  • Review and update SML/SML-IF use case as appropriate - David

i11 Status

Integration Build:

  • JT will open a bug to track the problem he found with the missing BIRT package
  • Data Visualization team hasn't fully run some of the tests, but will be doing that today
  • Resource Modeling test results looked good
  • Resource Modeling, Data Visualization and Data Collection teams are all on target for their planned i11 items.
  • The Data Visualization team has some i11 enhancements that are at risk; however, that was known going into the iteration
  • Project leads should update the weekly integration build page to include status for their i11 enhancements and bugs

Other i11 Discussion:

  • Are we planning to do any work around Security in i11? Mark suggested that look at the work Aperi is doing because they are using Higgins. The work item that Jimmy owns to close on the security design is targetted for i11. Implementation will likely be targetted for i12. We will discuss this further during the summit on Friday.
  • Ali mentioned that COSMOS release plan is out of date. The new plan is posted on another page. Tania will get new plan moved over to the release plan page today.


  • Don and Mark will meet tomorrow to prepare for the restructuring discussion
  • The SDD team has been having meetings on several topics. We should allocate time on Friday to get an update on SDD activities.
  • Paul and Mark are schedule to give an update on consumer requirements. Mark doesn't have the final list of requirements from products yet (he expects to have this for i13), but will do his best to put some thoughts together.
  • Team should post additional agenda items to the wiki.

0.9 Release:

  • As discussed previously, Bjorn and Harm recommended that we have an interim release review prior to COSMOS 1.0.
  • Tania and Ruth discussed this yesterday and propose that we plan to have a 0.5 release at the end of i12.
  • Does this mean that we will have additional work to do for i12? For i12, we have to make sure that we meet our Legal requirements. If enhancements will be affected, then we should discuss this at the Summit.
  • Do we have to call it 0.5? Can we call it 0.9 to show that we are closer to a 1.0? Team is in agreement with 0.9 release.
  • Since the CMDBf specification will not be finalized by November, we should plan for a 1.1 release in March 1.1 where we make updates to the CMDBf spec (March is the timeframe they want the spec closed). For 1.0, we should be at the last call level of the DMTF spec. We should check with Marv and Mark to find out the DMTF schedule for the CMDBf spec and position our work accordingly.

Use Cases Walkthrough (continued from last week):

  • Administrator installs a Data Manager, Adminstrator upgrades a Data Manager, Administrator uninstalls a Data Manager - The outstanding question is whether or not SDD could perform that administration? Hubert and Jason should get together to outline what would be involved in this. We should get this on the agenda for the next SDD call and get Hubert involved.
  • Registering configuration items of an MDR with a federating CMDB, Deregistering configuration items of an MDR with a federating CMDB - We think these are finished. We should confirm with Ali.
  • Updating Meta-data of MDRs (e.g. depthLimit) - We haven't exposed any of the management aspects of this. This is still an open item.
    • Does the broker have any visibility to the metadata? If I am a client and I want the metadata for all the MDRs? Do I have to query the MDRs individually? Or can I query the broker to get metadata for all the registered MDRs? Not sure if we can do this? Need to look at Hubert's design? Jimmy will add the enhancement number for this work to the use case page.
    • We should update this use case to describe the scenario that Jimmy described
  • Security Specific Use Cases - We want to bring in Higgins for the Security Specific Use Cases. Is there any way to get a Higgins architect on one of our calls? Yes, Mark can get Tony Nadalin involved. We probably need him in the next couple of weeks.
  • I18n Specific Use Cases -
    • There are questions about how the locale information is distributed in the COSMOS runtime. Sheldon will open enhancements to capture those requirements.
    • Saurabh will check on whether or not the build currently verifies non-localized strings.
    • This internationalization work needs to be done for 1.0. For 0.9 we can state that no consumers of 0.9 have a requirement for internationalization.
  • SML and SML-IF Validation Support - This item is mainly focused on upgrading to the latest version of the specification. David will go through the use case to identify what work remains, if any
  • SDD use cases - We need to circle back with Jason on the SDD use cases

Other Discussion:

  • Tania is moving to a new assignment. Ruth will be the focal point for the Community Calls, Summits and any other Project Management related activities.

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