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COSMOS Community Call Minutes - May 1, 2008

Attendees: Saurabh, Don, Martin, Jimmy, Paul, Bill, JT, Rich, Mark, David, Ruth, Srinivas, Sheldon, Tania, Jack

i10 Status:

  • QA team has completed all i10 tests, with no blocking issues. They have a few performance scenarios that they will test next week. They are ready to declare the i10 candidate driver the stable build.
  • Don, Sheldon, David, Jimmy, Mark, and Saurabh signed off and other call attendees agreed that we are ready to declare the i10 build stable
  • Srinivas will post a formal statement to the mailing list. We will then have the RE team tag and post the build.

i11 Planning:

- Restructuring:

  • Our subteams match discrete areas of the project for the most part. The only area that may need to be reorganized is the DC team. We could split that into Data Federation (for CMDBf work) and Data Collection. We could change Management Enablement to a more fitting name. Mark requested that we keep the Management Enablement name as it is there to host enablement technologies.
  • At EclipseCon, Harm suggested that if we're going to refactor our naming, we should do it now instead of after we close on the API.
  • We have the input side versus output side, and we have the CMDB Federation as a standards thing as opposed to the more general topic of wrapping an existing management project.
  • During the Resource Modeling call, Ali made a point that we should try not to introduce more overhead than necessary (e.g. more teams and more meetings)
  • Historically, we have not had a lot of adoption/interest in original DC focus. We may want to do something around the WS-Man work that Sun did with Micorsoft. Microsoft is working with OpenPegasus now.
  • We should look at the document we published for our creation review to remind ourselves of our original intent and update the project proposal as appropriate - Mark & Don can work on this. This will be a longer term effort, and will not be closed before the start of i11.
  • We should work to figure out what our structure is - Mark & Don can do this in prep for next Summit (May 16)
  • What will the developers be doing during the transition period between i10 and i11? The focus of i11 is stability and bug fixes. If we are going to do something more ambitious, we need to know sooner rather than later (e.g. Security, logging & error)
  • We also need to maintain backward compatibility from 1.0 to M3. We don't want to spend our time doing bug fixes for areas that will change.
  • When will we close on the themes for i12? We have a meeting with Bjorn later today to discuss the 1.0 graduation requirements. Ruth and Tania hope to close after that meeting.
  • We need to close on our i11 plans quickly since we are scheduled to start next week. Teams should post their list of i11 enhancements & major bugs by EOD today with a suggested go-to person for that enhancement/bug and a sizing - Jagmit will create a page and send a link
  • We need to meet to make sure we all agree on the list and priority of i11 items. Tania will send a notice for Monday at 10am.

- Documentation:

  • Rich will create a separate book for each chapter of the guides. You can still modify the wiki, but you should color code the new updates and notify Rich of the changes.
  • There are a lot of tutorials in the documents. Rich can create Camtasia files or movies for these and link to them from the Users Guide. Rich should connect with Ali because he is doing something similar using viewlets.
  • How will we maintain the source of the documentation? Once we get the documentation finalized, the wiki pages will have to go away. After that point, you can mark up the PDF documents and send them to Rich. He might also be able to create Word documents out of the HTML and send them that way.

New day/time for Community Calls:

  • Mark has a standing conflict on Wednesdays at 11am. 9am on Thursdays may be a challenge for Don.
  • Mark also has a conflict with the Thursday 10am architecture calls.
  • Tania will look at the current meeting schedule and will post proposals for new meeting times.

COSMOS Committer Responsibilities:

Face-to-Face Meeting:

  • Team agreed to plan a F2F meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina sometime post-i11 (July/August)
  • Jimmy volunteered to start to draft the agenda
  • Mark, David, & Tania will coordinate logistics

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