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COSMOS Community Call Minutes - April 23, 2008

Attendees: Don, Srinivas, Saurabh, Jimmy, David, Rich, Martin, Paul, Jack, Sheldon, Leonard


Data Visualization:

  • Sheldon found problem 227827 during testing. There is another bug (228157) that's blocking this problem from being resolved. 228157 was opened by Srinivas and is related to the menu items not showing up to allow you to submit a query or register a CI. For some reason, Sheldon cannot reproduce this problem, it can only be reproduced by the CA folks. This is preventing the deregistration CI from showing up, so 227827 can't be reproduced. Sheldon suggested that Leonard bypass the UI to recreate 227827. Leonard will give that a try. 228157 is blocking QA.

Data Collection:

  • There is a series of bugs which Bill Muldoon is looking at (228374, 228158, 228161, 228159). There is a timeout problem that we believe is related to a configuration issue. When trying to retrieve a CMDBf schema there appears to be a web connectivity issue.
  • Anyone who has found a problem related to something hanging might want to put the schema files on the local system, and that may resolve it.
  • Hubert is working on creating some new test cases. Hubert is intending to complete the test cases and testing as part of the test pass.


  • The problem found on Linux is a show stopper.
  • QA has only been able to run partial E2E, but they are running into problems and are currently blocked.
  • QA may not make the May 2 deadline. It takes 3 days to do performance testing. We would need the build before this Friday in order to keep the original schedule.
  • QA is planning to do scalability testing as part of performance testing.
  • We should formally add test cases to cover running things remotely (e.g. not having the schema files on our local system) to our QA suite

  • There are 150+ bugs from i10 and prior that need to be cleaned up. Everyone should look at the query and close or move to future any outstanding bugs from previous iterations.



  • We have had several discussions about restrucuturing the subteams, but have not closed on whether or not we want to make changes. Each subteam should discuss this at their upcoming meetings and come back to the community with suggestions.
  • There has been some discussion about doing some restructuring of the code:
    • There was a defect opened by Ali about restructuring our packaging.
    • Bill had some thoughts on making changes to ensure that the components are structuring things in the same way (code and packaging)


  • We should open bugzilla entries for the API work. Ali has outlined API work items on the wiki. We should make sure we get bugzilla entries opened for these. Tania can work with Ali to make sure the API work gets reflected in bugzilla.

Bug Fixes:

  • Team walked through the open P1 bugs & enhancements. Many of the P1 bugs have already been fixed and need to be closed. A few others need to be moved to i11 or future. (215135 needs to move to i11)
  • Joel's P1 bugs/enhancements need to be moved to future. We need to close on the strategy for web services so that we can put these items in plan. Don will move the bugs to future for now.

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