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COSMOS Community Call Minutes - April 16, 2008

Attendees: Tania, Saurabh, JT, Martin, Bill, David, Jack, Ruth, Don, Sheldon, Jimmy, Srinivas

i10 Status

Resource Modeling:

  • All i10 items completed

Data Visualization:

  • All i10 enhancements and bugs completed

Management Enablement:

CMDBf Toolkit:

  • 220639 - This enhancement has moved to not containable in i10. There is still some design work to be done and too many needed changes were surfaced at the end of i10. Impact: The Toolkit can still be used to build your data manager and run on server can still be selected, however you will not get the COSMOS UI to come up, so you would need to run that on your own. The MDRs created by the toolkit are not visible yet. This is deemed low impact, as there are no consumers awaiting this enhancement.
  • 224215 - This enhancement moved from "at risk" to "on track". It should be completed and checked in by the end of the day. This enhancement is blocked by the build problem with the DC component(224610), as he needs the SDK download to contain all of the correct components.

Data Collection:

  • Major ERs are complete. Team expects to have the remaining work completed today.
  • There are some DC-related build issues. A bug was opened against the build component (224610).
  • Status from Saurabh on 224610 - There have been some build compilation problems, which the RE team is resolving now. Most of the suggestions in the bug have been implemented. Saurabh is getting the help that he needs from Hubert and JT. The target is to get this fixed today.
  • There are a few minor items (224608 and 224601) that Hubert and JT are also working on today. They expect to complete that work today.

Release Engineering:

  • 215610 - Len is loading the update site on FTP, but we need to get things moved over to the Eclipse server. We have the documents, but need committer access to complete this.
  • Many of the other i10 items are complete. Saurabh will update the status page with the latest status for each enhancement.


  • QA needs the demo instructions for i10. There have probably not been many changes since i9. David will create an the i10 demo page based on the i9 instructions and make any changes necessary.

Process for Nominating Committers:

  • Per Bjorn's recent comments, we have not employed the expected level of rigor around our recent committer nominations. The team should review the Eclipse guidelines for committer nominations.
  • When nominating a committer, we should be sure to include details about the nominee's contributions through bug fixes, design contribution, etc. to prove that the nominee has demonstrated that they are an active contributor and can provide quality contributions to the project.
  • We should be careful not to nominate someone because they are employed by a particular company, since they will remain a committer even if they leave the company.
  • We should define what "Trust" means for COSMOS and document the criteria for nominating a committer. Tania will take a pass at this.
  • Bjorn also sent a note stating that the recent committer elections for Martin Simmonds, Len Richardson, and Eric Rose had expired because the paperwork had not yet been submitted for these committers. Ruth will look into this.

COSMOS 1.0 Release Plan:

Milestone Schedule

  • We should add high-level design dates for i12.
  • After Milestone 3, should we have a F2F meeting? Perhaps in North Carolina in the summer? It would probably be good to get together and crystalize our future objectives. Let's discuss this further when Mark is present.

Project Designs

  • This section needs to be updated once we settle on what restructuring we want to do within COSMOS. We should discuss restructuring during the next Community Call.

Milestone Objectives

  • For i12 and i13, we should consider some of the features from our original plan that we were not able to get to, including things like reconciliation taxonomy.
  • We also need to talk to Bjorn about whether or not we have a requirement to provide support for pervasive themes in Eclipse. Tania has sent a note to Bjorn to schedule time to find out what really is necessary for 1.0.
  • We also need to show that we have strong adoption as part of our graduation package, so we need to do some work to spread the word about COSMOS
  • Where do the installability and deployability activities fit in? These items fit in the release objective of providing exemplary tools.
  • Other themes to consider: Platform support (of latest Linux, etc.), logging, security, documentation (should target documentation for Milestone 3)

  • Ruth's proposal is that Milestone 3 serve as a good complete English version, which means we should include as much documenation in i11 as possible. Whatever can't be completed in i11, can be moved to i12. Online helps may be containable in i12.
  • Then, 1.0 would be English-only, but would be ready to be translated in other languages
  • As a next step, Ruth and Tania should speak with Bjorn and come up with a list for what we need to do to qualify for graduation. That should be the first focus, then we can determine how much time and resources we have to add additional enhancements.
  • We need to be clear that by graduating we are making a commitment to continue investment of resources to support the release.
  • Jimmy would like to settle on resource requirements within the next month.

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