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COSMOS Community Call Minutes - April 9, 2008

Attendees: Tania, Saurabh, Rich, David, JT, Sheldon, Paul, Don, Ruth, Jack, Jimmy, Mark


  • Top-level projects are mentors to the incubator projects.
  • Don discussed this with Harm. He thought it would be better to do project refactoring under incubation rather than after 1.0, particularly if we need to change the API and package names.
  • Team agrees that we are not ready to be a top-level project.
  • We declared a 1.0 at EclipseCon, it would look bad not to deliver 1.0.
  • Concerns are that current subproject structure are set up as if we have a top-level.
  • Maybe COSMOS becomes one subproject instead of multiple subprojects.


  • We are still missing quite a bit of information in the User Guide. Rich will be producing a PDF file next Tuesday.
  • Updates for the User Guide will be due by May 12.
  • April 22 is the new deadline for the Developer's Guide.
  • Ruth and Mark are consolidating the pre-requisite lists.
  • Installation Guide - Rich wants to have some usability tests on the installation. He will start working on that. Jimmy can commit to April 18.

Resource Modeling:

  • Integration build on track

Data Collection/CMDBf:

  • Project is undergoing some changes this week. Hubert has checked in his changes for the refactoring (moving to straight web services approach - 220949). Team is happy with progress.

Data Visualization:

  • Currently working with Hubert to integrate changes for Data Collection along with JT. That work is on track. There is another P1 bug - 225432 that was opened a few days ago - it's assigned to Bill and is on track.
  • P1 bug opened today from Srinivas with the COSMOS UI not working on IE. Sheldon is currently investigating. Other bugs are on track as well.


  • 220639 - has been upgraded to on track thanks to some help from Sheldon
  • 2nd enhancement changed to to be reviewed. Those files will likely disappear due to the web services changes
  • defect is at risk - not started yet

RE: 219490 - on track - includes source code running TPTP JUnits - having problems generating HTML report. He's working with Paul on that

  • new web services in DC that use Axis2 - there is some build related work to be done is on track

i10 Code Cutoff:

  • Tania reminded the team that code cutoff is Wednesday, April 16.
  • Hubert will still be checking in code right up to the minute. Hubert not be required to do any integration build testing.

Ruth and Tania will work with Hubert offline.

QA i10 Activities:

  • Eclipse version should be 3.4 (Ganymede) not 3.3.4
  • We should use the same OS and JREs that Ganymede products are supporting. Ruth will add a link to that wiki page
  • Sun version should be 5.0 update 11 (same version as what Eclipse 3.4 tested with)
  • We also need to align with BIRT 2.3 and for DOJO 1.0.2
  • We need to test on Axis2 1.3
  • Any plans for i18n testing - one of the DV ERs includes externalization of the message file. How far are we going to go with the testing of that?
  • There is no link to the performance testing. Srinivas is in the process of documenting the performance test cases. He will send a link.
  • We should do more scalability testing to make our code more robust. Internationalization should be a post June goal depending on what our deployers require. We should add this to the summit.

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