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COSMOS Community Call Minutes - 040208

Attendees: Tania, Rich, David, Ruth, Jimmy, Srinivas, Saurabh, JT, Don, Sheldon

April Monthly Summit:

  • Tania proposed that we schedule the next summit for Friday, April 11. Proposed topic is to discuss post-1.0 plans for COSMOS.
  • Team agreed on April 11 date. Tania will send a meeting notice.

Status of Weekly Integration Build:

  • Hubert identified a packaging problem which prevents the command line client from starting. Saurabh just checked in the patch. Since the integration build should be fully functional, we should respin the build.
  • Hubert will test the patch and ask Jagmit to respin the build and post an announcement when it is ready.


  • We hope to review Joel's enhancements during the architecture call tomorrow to determine if they are still needed given the web services changes. Other than that, we are on track.


  • 222504 - will be pushed out to i11
  • 222664 - Currently we are packaging BIRT in our COSMOS builds. This change is to reference BIRT, rather than package it. This will change the installation for the user. They will have to get BIRT and install it with the COSMOS release.
  • 222659 - Potentially, we will have to reference Dojo as well. The user would have to download Dojo and install it with COSMOS. There are build changes associated with this.
  • The non-P1 bugs are on track. There might be one or two pushed to i11.


  • We found some missing areas that need to be implemented in SML, but the enhancements are complete. There were some problems found in the repository test. Ali is planning to work on those over the next few days.
  • David will be back on his ME tasks until he has to update the Tooling to support the new web services work. Hubert plans to have the initial web services check-in by the end of the week. (224981)
  • 220639 - David may need to get Sheldon's or Hubert's help


  • Bobby fixed the "fire alarm" notification. We still need to work on the format of the e-mail. We need to separate who the e-mail should go to.
  • Saurabh was able to run the JUnits with TPTP 4.4 within Eclipse. He will try to run it on the command line. Bobby had been trying this with TPTP 4.5. Sheldon can talk with the TPTP contact to resolve any issues.
  • We are also working on the update site enhancement.


  • Srinivas wants to review the i10 QA activities and get sign-off so that we can plan activities. Tania can add this review to the agenda for next week's Community Call


  • Is there anyone available to help provide some of the overview content?
  • Sheldon can help with the DV section of the Overview
  • David can start on the RM overview
  • Rich will produce a User Guide document by April 15

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