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Minutes - March 13, 2008 COSMOS Community Call

Attendees: Tania, Jagmit, Bill, Rich, Jimmy, Srinivas, David, Jack, Ruth, Paul, Don, Domenica, Sheldon, Mark


  • Mark will close on the EclipseCon F2F agenda today
  • Ruth will net this discussion out on the wiki for review with Mark


  • We will meet at Cisco at 9:00 a.m. PDT for 3-4 hours
  • We need to discuss Security with Tony Nadalin from Higgins, and Aperi with Russ. Mark will try to nail down the agenda today

Subproject organization:

  • The tables listing components of each subproject may help clarify the scope of each subproject. The current component list is too granular, so we should modify the list.
  • Perhaps we should have a side discussion about organization at EclipseCon

Proposal for more efficient meetings:


  • There has been a lot of status gathering going on in these calls. We should try to gather status offline on the wiki
  • DC and RM are working in areas that span the project, so their designs often involve people outside of their teams
  • Different subprojects have had different levels of work occurring at different times


  • Testing status - When the build team sends the weekly build announcement, they will include a link to a wiki page to post status. The following sections will appear on the page: Data Visualization (Sheldon), SML (Ali), CMDBf (David), SDD (Jason), Data Collection (Don)
  • Status meetings will be scheduled as needed. Regular weekly status for the subprojects will be covered in Community calls.
  • Subteams should put topics that span multiple subprojects on the architecture agenda. Team should attend the architecture call as needed.
  • It may be good to switch the architecture and community call so that in the Community Call we talk about what has happened over the last week and the architecture call is focused on future.
  • If DC and DV are not first on the arch agenda, Don and Sheldon will change the agenda
  • Resource Modeling will continue with their regular meetings

Meeting Attendance:

  • Community call & Summit should be attended only the subproject or component leads (Sheldon - DV, David - SML/CMDBf, Jason - SDD, Don - DC)
  • Monthly Summit should not cover architecture items (those should be covered in the architecture call). We should crisply define the purpose of this meeting so that everyone does not have to attend (or can attend only the topics of interest)
  • Ruth will net this discussion out on the wiki for review with Mark


  • Rich is starting to create the files. He's looking at the content now. He will start getting with people next week to ask questions about the content

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