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COSMOS Community Call Minutes - March 6, 2008

Attendees: Tania, Bill, Jagmit, Rich, Srinivas, Don, David, Paul, JT, Mark, Domenica, Hubert, Ruth

i9 Closeout:

  • The iteration exit criteria states that all P1 & P2 bugs and enhancements must be completed, and that exceptions must be approved by the project leads.
  • There are no open P1 or P2 enhancements.
  • There are 3 outstanding P1 bugs against i9:
    • 208554 - Hubert thinks this problem may have disappeared. He will try it today and close the bug if the problem has been fixed, or move it to i10 as a P2 if the problem still exists.
    • 216223 - This fix was not approved to be checked in during the test pass. It is ready to be checked in as soon as the i10 stream opens up. We will move this bug to i10 and change it to a P2.
    • 220858 - We will move this bug to i10 and change it to a P2. We need to follow up on whether or not the DV report is showing up and we need to re-run the test pass report.
  • Do we need to add specifics about test pass reports in our exit criteria? This could be handled as a combination of verbal confirmation of test execution and actual test reports. In TPTP, they have a meeting specifically to go over the test results, and bugzilla numbers of blockers are manually put in the test report.
  • We should take this discussion offline. The team should send suggestions to cosmos-dev.
  • We may want to discuss whether there is another way to do the reports that might be more convenient for everyone, like posting results on the wiki page. We can discuss this at the next Comm Mtg. or Summit
  • There are 2 oustanding P2 bugs against i9:
    • 216387 - We should move this bug to i10. Only supporting brokers on the same machine may be a reasonable restriction for COSMOS 1.0. Running brokers on different machines may now work. If it does, or Bill can find a fix we will fix this in i10. If we cannot find a solution for i10, we will document this as a restriction.
    • 216801 - We should move this bug to i10.
  • The i9 exit criteria have been satisfied. Community leaders voted to close the iteration and open the i10 stream. Jagmit will tag the build and post an announcement of the stable build to the dev-mailing list.

M2 At a Glance:

  • David has posted a draft of the M2 announcement on the wiki for the team's review
  • We should make some cosmetic updates like spelling out acronyms
  • We should also make the descriptions more detailed so that a user seeing this for the first time can understand the value of these enhancements
  • We should highlight metadata support and using the metadata in the query. We should explain that we have 2 example MDRs.


  • Don, Joel, Jimmy, Mark and David will be attending EclipseCon
  • Mark will find out if Steve Jerman will be attending, and ask about the possibility of holding the 3/17 F2F meeting at Cisco
  • Another option would be to hold the meeting at the IBM Almaden Research Lab


  • There are still outlines that have not been completed. All outlines must be completed by tomorrow.
  • User guide content is due 3/10. I talked to Rich about this deadline. Since he can't handle all content at once, we can stagger this across the week next week, if necessary. However, we need to have all User Guide content in by the end of the week.
  • Mark will complete the Overview content by 3/14.
  • Dev Guide Content & Logging and Messaging content is due 3/27.
  • We reviewed the Development Guide Table of Contents and agreed to remove sections 6.0 and 6.1 as they are covered in other sections.

Other Discussion:

  • Is there any news on how the JUnit automation is progressing? Bobby Joseph has been working on this. We will have to check with him or Saurabh to get the latest status.
  • Is there any update on the Security use cases? Mark is trying to coordinate with Higgins. This is in progress.

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