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February 21, 2008 - COSMOS Community Call Minutes

Attendees: Tania, Srinivas, Rich, Saurabh, Sheldon, Ruth, David, Jimmy, Jagmit, Mark, Hubert


DV issues:

  • Sheldon found 6 blocking i9 issues, 3 of which are related to DV (219720, 219721, 219722). We already have patches for 219720 and 219721 (Graph response viewer is not showing up or destroying properly). 219722 is a packaging issue (there are some jars missing from the COSMOS UI). There is also a class missing from the UI that Sheldon is not familiar with. He's asked Bill to give him a list of the packages that should be included. The missing class is federatingCMDBClient. Whoever knows where that class is, should update the bug.
  • The registration enhancement is not fully completed - need to check with Bill. Only the all inclusive-registration and deregistration has been completed. We have not seen anything on the partial registration of the configuration item. Partial one needed changes from the response viewer. 217303 - Not going to make i9. We should rephrase 217303 and open a new ER for i10 for the partial registration.

DC issues:

  • 219728 - CB data manager is throwing an exception
  • 219730 - related to statistical data manager (schema isn't set correctly).
  • 219441 - related to getting service metadata from the example MDR...not returning service data XML
  • 216809 - did not make the i9 build - needs to be moved to i10 as a high priority
  • Hubert also found some problems: a missing directory in one of the MDRs, problem in the demo
  • The federating CMDB test harness was done pretty late, so we are not sure how good that is. We need the federating CMDB UI - Ali & Bill would be the right ones to test this
  • Also found minor bugs with build


  • Works properly, but it doesn't cover the new function
  • None of the build enhancements made i9

New Candidate Build:

  • Developers should use a specific e-mail tag to indicate a request for bug approval
  • We will set a target to respin the build at 5pm. We will meet at 10am tomorrow to make sure everything is locked down
  • David has 3 low-risk defects for the Data Management Toolkit
  • We do want to claim support for Linux this iteration, so QA should test and report bugs on this platform. Development will try to get access Linux systems in case Linux-specific problems are found.

  • Tania will start a page to document postmortem topics


  • QA will provide a daily status report, and will call meetings as necessary to resolve hot issues.
  • QA is going to create an ER for test activities and they will post the status there
  • Team is still awaiting the creation of the component in bugzilla. Mark will address this.
  • Hubert has started updating some of the instructions on the demo E2E page. He needs help from Sheldon or Bill on the UI instructions.

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