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Minutes - February 7, 2008 COSMOS Community Call

Attendees: Tania, Rich, Jagmit, Paul, David, Jack, Jason, Kishore, Sheldon, JT, Srinivas, Don, Ruth


  • We need to get a clear understanding of the target audience for the User's Guide. Maybe we should have a Getting Started Guide instead, since we will have very few traditional "users" who just pick up COSMOS and run without doing any development.

i9 Status:

Data Visualization - Sheldon:

  • Team is working on i9 enhancements
  • Sheldon re-opened the Dojo 1.0.2 IPZilla
  • Team is not planning to check in JUnits until the end of the iteration
  • You should have JUnits checked in if you are checking in a significant enhancement and someone will be consuming it in the next integration build. We need to verify that each integration build is solid.
  • For the integration build, you can document your own manual test and translate that into TPTP at the end of the iteration.
  • We should look into ways to automate UI testing - Is it worth having Ali give an update on the tooling he created? We should look at the Fitness tool - Don will open a bug against Data Visualization and include a link to this tool

Resource Modeling & Data Collection - David:

  • The scope of 215267 has changed and it will consume more of Ali's time than originally expected. This blocks 2 enhancements, so we need to check on this during tomorrow's summit
  • The SML 1.0 enhancement is exposed for i9 because of this. We need to see if Valentina can contain
  • The RM download is broken. Jagmit just did a rebuild.
  • 208274 - David - It seems to be more work than he had anticipated, but he has cut down the scope. J2EE is the critical one for this iteration. Hubert volunteered to roll off and help.
  • Because of the problems, we will declare this week's integration build broken and aim for a good integration build next week.

SDD - Jason:

  • Getting effort off the ground. Working on formalizing our use cases. We have good progress around the tooling use cases. This is the set of tools that developers would use to produce SDDs. The deployment/consumer tools are a little further behind and less understood how we will integrate that with COSMOS, but we are already moving some of the tooling use cases into the main COSMOS use case area. We want to get the ERs opened for those use cases. We will start doing this tomorrow or early next week.

Weekly Meetings:

  • There was some confusion about the combined architecture, DC and DV meetings. The intent was for the meetings to have back-to-back time slots, but not to merge the agendas for the meetings. We should divy up the time in advance
  • We should have 2 15-minute chunks for status and hot issues


  • For i7 & i8, Hubert wrote the E2E test cases. We need to determine the scope of those test cases for i9.
  • We need to add creating the E2E test cases to the process discussion
  • QA is adding a few more i9 test cases, and doing smoke test for Linux
  • We are doing i9 E2E testing. We are expecting 2 builds: Windows (XP & 2003) and Linux 5.4. In the span of 2 weeks, we're expecting 2 builds
  • We cannot accomodate performance testing until after March 7


  • We should plan to meet Monday, since the day will be mostly tutorials.

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