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January 2, 2008 - Community Call Minutes

Attendees: Tania, Don, Sheldon, Hubert, Valentina, Bill, Mark, Jimmy, David

January Summitt Agenda:

  • Hubert suggested that we add documentation to the agenda. He has been hearing comments about user documentation, and we need a more coordinated and more organized way to write documentation. Hubert will come up with a list of topics or a table of contents for our user doc and assign each topic to a team member to complete for GA. We have wiki pages on various aspects of the project, but we don't have a strategy on how to document for people outside of the team. Mark will add this topic to the User Adoptability section of the agenda.

i8 Status:

  • No issues were raised in terms of completing deliverables for i8.

Bug cleanup:

  • All bugs before i7 should be verified and closed by the originators. We should target having this done by Friday.

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