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December 13, 2007 - Community Call

Attendees: Rich, Jagmit, Valentina, Hubert, David, Sheldon, Don, Bobby, Mark


  • Post a reminder to the mailing list that those who signed up as leads to drive use case definition should bring this activity to closure by the January 4 summit - Tania
  • Open a bug against the RE team to investigate creating a script to verify that strings have been externalized for internationalization - Valentina
  • Post topics for January summit agenda - All
  • Ask Joel to connect with Hubert on his progress with the annotation refactoring work - Don
  • Post proposals for new meeting day/time for 2008 Community calls - Tania

Monthly Summit - Follow up on action items:

  • Any progress on further defining the use cases? Ali added some use cases to the Collection category. Other than that the attendees are not aware of any activity on this. Tania will post a reminder to the mailing list that those who signed up as leads should drive this activity to closure by the January 4 summit.
  • Valentina sent links with instructions and best practices for internationalization. What are the next steps? Every developer should be doing things in such a way that the strings are externalized. We should set a date for when we want all strings to be externalized. We should also create a build script to check to make sure the strings are externalized. Valentina will open a bug against the RE team to investigate creating this script.
  • Don: Does the tool have a technical capability to provide hints as to strings that aren't intended to be externalized? Not sure.
  • Do we have a way to go back and check existing code? We should be able to use the script for this.
  • Will the script cover the web classes as well? In the requirement for the script we will specify that it should cover both Eclipse and non-Eclipse code.
  • CMDBf Toolkit - This should be on the agenda for tomorrow's Release Engineering meeting. All appropriate parties should plan to attend.

January summit:

  • Tania has created an agenda page for the next monthly summit, scheduled for January 4 and populated it with 2 topics: i9 enhancements and Review of M2 use cases/E2E plan.
  • The team should post any other topics they want to cover.
  • Mark noted two topics we need to track (although, not necessarily as part of the summit): Deadline for EclipseCon BOF & poster sessions and formalizing logistics in San Jose for a F2F meeting at EclipseCon.


  • On the architecture call today, we discussed the annotation refactoring work that Joel has been doing. Mark asked Hubert to follow up with Joel on that. That will affect how we will build and deploy COSMOS becasue we can't use COSMOS in a J2EE environment.
  • Don thinks Joel has code that can be shared at this point. Don asked him to follow up on a few items that were in Sheldon's meeting yesterday. Is there a scheme for wrapping MDRs that doesn't include any WSDM support? Yes, if we want to be able to issue a request to a Microsoft MDR, then yes. What are the use cases where we will by-pass the WSDM layer? We are not trying to do that...tyring to figure out how to formulate the right message on the wire from our WSDM layer. Don asked Joel to respond to that.

Community Calls:

  • Most people will be around next week; therefore we will have a Community Call on December 20.
  • For 2008, Jimmy has requested that we move all COSMOS calls before noon ET so that teams in Europe and India can attend. Tuesday and Thursday mornings are difficult for many. It was suggested that we schedule the Community Call and architecture call together since the audience for the two meetings is pretty much the same. Tania will post suggestions to the mailing list and ask for feedback.