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November 27, 2007 - COSMOS i7 Close Down Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Mark Weitzel, Jimmy Moshin, David Whiteman, Valentina Popescu, Ali Mehregani, Jack Devine, Paul Stratton, Sheldon Lee-Loy

Summary of i7 test pass

  • First i7 candidate driver was declared on Wed. Nov 14th COSMOS-1.0.0-200711141637
  • A round of testing was completed on the candidate driver
  • During the first round of testing because of the lack of documentation there were issues trying to run the COSMOS end to end scenario from some of the COSMOS community
  • On Wed 21st Hubert created a more comprehensive wiki page to run the end to end scenario
  • After following the wiki page steps Shivvy and other COSMOS members were able to conduct the end to end scenario on the i7 candidate driver
  • Two additional bugs were found.
  • A second i7 candidate driver was declared on Thurs. Nov 22nd COSMOS-1.0.0-200711221343
  • The end to end manual test cases were run on the new candidate driver and bug 210663 was verified
  • A test pass report was generated indicating 100% completion and 1.4% failure rate( With these results the COSMOS-1.0.0-200711221343 i7 driver was declared stable on Friday Nov 23rd.
  • Driver COSMOS-1.0.0-200711221343 was further declared as stable by the participants in this meeting after reviewing the above summary.

i7 Test Pass Issues

  • The end to end manual tests provided limited coverage for the data collection component in i7. More extensive tests are required for the data collection component in the form of manual or junit tests
  • The way the test results are organized in the test reports must be improved. This is captured in ER
  • Shivvy will become more involved in the test process for i8. This includes improving the i8 test coverage and reporting
  • In the next architecture meeting the COSMOS test plan and process will be discussed and improved.
  • There will be a f2f next month with the CA folks. The meetings will focus on improving the synergy of the CA folks with COSMOS.
  • The current test report shows duplicate test results. Bug 211089 was opened to track this problem (

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