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November 15, 2007 - COSMOS Community Call Minutes

Attendees: Tania, Jagmit, Hubert, Sheldon, Mark, Bobby, Don, David

EclipseCon 2008:

  • Mark updated the wiki page, and included Jimmy's feedback on the BOF. We will have one entry in each of the categories
  • Mark wants to get a +1 from everybody today so that he can submit the proposals tomorrow
  • Don: We should put something toward the front to better introduce COSMOS/CMDBf for the understanding of the Eclipse audience.

Mark made additional updates today which may satisfy Don's request. Don will review again and let Mark know. Don confirmed the updates are fine.

Remarks from F2F:

  • Quite a few things were covered during last week's face-to-face meeting. Please see the minutes on the F2F wiki if you have questions.
  • We made good progress on defining the enhancements
  • We did a good job of digging down into the right level of technical detail when we had to
  • Overall, it was a very productive use of everyone's time

Monthly Summits:

  • One of the discussions we had during the F2F was around how to make more efficient use of our time. We often do not have time in the regularly scheduled meetings to cover all of the topics we need to discuss, and it is not economically practical to have frequent face-to-face meetings. Therefore, it was suggested that we schedule monthly summits, which would be half-day sessions that we can use to cover topics that require more discussion that what is feasible during the weekly meetings.
  • The first two meetings will be December 7 and January 4, 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. ET.
  • The agenda for the December 7 meeting is on the wiki. Team members should edit the page to add topics they want to cover.


  • We had discussed that Jimmy's QA team would create some manual tests. Should Sheldon follow up with them to tell them how to create the manual tests? Mark has a call with them tomorrow. He can point them to the process documents if Sheldon has pointers. There are some documents on the wiki (it points to the TPTP documents) and there are some videos. Sheldon will put the links on COSMOS dev.
  • Sheldon has been waiting to schedule the TPTP demo based on the CA team's availability. Mark suggested that we do this demo early next week (e.g. Monday morning), as India is 10.5 hours ahead. Sheldon will see if Paul's available to do this.
  • Sheldon is doing some smoke testing for i7.
  • We're not trying to do a rigourous test pass for i7. i8 will be much more rigorous in terms of the test pass


  • From the perspective of enhancements, we opened several others today. Based on the results of the F2F, Mark is okay with the i8 work.
  • We should prioritize them and use the timing and deadline fields

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