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November 1, 2007 Minutes - COSMOS Community Call

Attendees: Tania, Rich, Hubert, Sheldon, Don, Bobby, Valentina, David


  • Follow up with Mark and Toni on next steps for the Dojo legal approval - Tania

IPZilla status:

  • Dojo - IPZilla # 1459 - Legal posted a response indicating they do not have the resources to go through the necessary due diligence for IP approval. Sheldon will send a copy of this response to Tania and she will work with Toni and Mark to determine next steps.
  • iBatis - IPZilla # 1545 - Janet Campbell posted a notice on 10/22 stating that iBatis 2.3.0 is approved for all projects
  • Schematron representation - We received approval to check in, but no final approval yet

New Release Engineering Team Member:

  • Jimmy posted questions about how to best utilize Len, a member of the CA team who is available to help with Release Engineering
  • On today's architecture call, the team suggested that Len attend the weekly RE call, and Balan agreed to talk with Len to help get him started.

EclipseCon 2008:

Face-to-Face Meeting:

  • Don would like to pre-register attendees. So far, he has confirmation from Mark, Valentina, and 4 people from CA. Please e-mail Don if you want to attend.
  • Sheldon will show a demo of the data visualization at the F2F. We want to talk about alignment between DV and DC.

  • We will not have a Community Call next week because of the Face-to-Face meeting.

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