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October 25, 2007 Minutes - COSMOS Community Call

Attendees: Tania, Rich, Sheldon, Valentina, Don, Jagmit, Hubert, David, Jimmy


  • Update base release schedule to reflect revised dates - Tania
  • Make sure the E2E test is added to the agenda for the next architecture call - Tania will connect with Mark

Review of Schedule:

  • Is there anything being discussed during the F2F that will affect the designs for i8? Possibly. So, we should move the high-level design date to 11/12 to allow time for changes after the F2F meeting.
  • No other concerns were raised with the revised schedule, so Tania will update the base schedule to reflect the new dates.


  • Jimmy added an agenda item. We need some clarity on the scope and purpose of the UI. Sheldon probably knows the answer, but as a group we need to come to some agreement.
  • Team has laid out a tentative schedule and agenda that is open to comment. We intend to move the first agenda item from Wednesday morning to Wednesday afternoon to accommodate Valentina's schedule. Anyone planning to attend should contact Don to get added to the list and recommend agenda items.
  • Sheldon will not be there, but Mark will represent the Data Visualization/UI. Valentina can also help with voicing some of Sheldon's concerns. Sheldon will get together with Mark and come up with a common view internally and present that at the F2F.
  • People can make proposals and call in if they cannot attend the F2F. If there are items of interest that you would like to dial in for, let Don know and he will schedule teleconferences for those topics.

EclipseCon 2008:

  • Jimmy will connect with Mark when he returns. Jimmy has some ideas as to what we should publish. Once he has talked to Mark, we can discuss the more solid proposals that we have on the table.

Resource Modeling - Valentina

  • Resource Modeling items are on track for i8.
  • Testing is underway on some of the function that will be checked in

Data Collection

  • Work continues on the design of the broker. Currently on track.

Data Visualization

  • On track, working enhancements


  • We should make sure that we are ready to execute the end-to-end test once we start the i7 test pass. We should make sure the E2E test is on the agenda for the next architecture call.

Other topics:

  • CA has hired a dedicated SQA person for COSMOS M2. You should see this individual start to slowly come in. Her name is Sheeva Shankary (Shivy).
  • Paul, the TPTP test team lead, wants to give the COSMOS team a demo - Late next week would be a good time to do it (in the morning)
  • It would be good to get a list of people Shivy should reach out to on the extended SQA team in the COSMOS Community. She should connect with Sheldon (DV), David & Ali (RM), and Hubert (DC).
  • We need to better define her role while we're in Detroit so we can determine how to use her most efficiently

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