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COSMOS Community Call Minutes - October 11, 2007

Attendees: David, Jimmy, Jagmit, Bobby, Rich, Hubert, Valentina, Sheldon

Action items:

  • Agenda for DC F2F to be tweaked - Mark & Jimmy
  • Need to have ERs 204921 and 205658 approved (marked) for i7 so they show up in the enhancement list - Don
  • ER 204959 not appearing in i7 list; needs to show up - David
  • Possible new ERs coming - Sheldon & Jimmy
  • Release schedule perhaps needs to have test phases lengthened, cutting into dev phase a little - Tania
  • Build failure with new CMDBf plug-in - David

Release schedule:

  • Jimmy commented that the schedule overall has sufficient time for development, but we tend to cram too little time into test phase.
  • We can fix two ways: 1. more people 2. perhaps post-i8, allocate more time for QA, perhaps overlapping with development phase. Jimmy asked because we are iterative, do we need to have a strict waterfall in each iteration? David mentioned that it would have to be that way so we could generate a candidate build from which the test results would be generated, instead of testing against a workspace or the HEAD stream.
  • Jimmy said will do just in time testing whenever and wherever possible. Once we have dedicated resource focused on end-to-end testing, how early in the iteration can they get a build officially to conduct end to end tests in i8 and i9? Suggestion to increase the test portion of the iteration by a couple of days, or even a week.

Release Engineering:

  • Jagmit mentioned a failure in the build with one of the new plug-ins. David said he would talk offline with Jagmit to resolve it.
  • Can someone send Jimmy the build information to help training on the build process? Yes, we will discuss this on the Release Engineering call today.

F2F meeting:

  • Nov 7-9 in Detroit proposed
  • Jimmy says Mark is tweaking agenda. Will get back to everyone Monday.
  • Valentina mentioned an error in F2F wiki page title indicating the wrong date

PoC demo:

  • Jimmy mentioned there would be more than one presentation. The initial one: Oct 24, 9:30-12:30. The meeting times will shrink to probably 10-12. Meeting notice was sent to team on 10/4. The first iteration of the demo will be using mostly COSMOS components & implementation. In i8 timeframe, the goal is for it to be largely a pure COSMOS impl.
  • Jimmy is thinking of making movie of demo, showing someone really using COSMOS. He needs to close on whether it's ok to have CA specific data in the demo.

EclipseCon 08:

  • Reminded team of deadline for submitting presentation proposals.

i7 enhancement list review:

  • Jimmy mentioned that two DC ERs are not showing up in the list (204921 and 205658) that should be there. It appears that Don, as component lead, needs to set the target milestone of these to i7, with the assumption that these are approved workitems for this iteration.
  • Sheldon metioned there are possibly more ERs coming for i7 from the data visualization team. Jimmy said there is also possibly more from CA team.
  • David mentioned that 204959 should also be on list.

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