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COSMOS Community Call Minutes - October 4, 2007

Attendees: Mark, Jack, Jimmy, Bill, Valentina, Hubert, David, Bobby, Rich, Jagmit, Sheldon, Tania

Action items:

  • Create proposal for EclipseCon submission - Mark & Jimmy
  • Send Jimmy information on the COSMOS build process - Balan
  • Close out or move i6 bugs to another iteration - All
  • Post revised schedule to wiki and call for a vote - Tania
  • Add feature lists to release schedule - Tania

EclipseCon Talk:

  • EclipseCon is scheduled for March 17-20. The deadline to submit proposals for talks and demos is November 19. We need to determine what topics we would like to present.
  • We should host either a demo or a long talk on the role of CMDBf. Jimmy's slide deck is a good start for this topic.
  • We will also want to host a BOF session and possibly a short talk (5-10 minutes)
  • Mark & Jimmy will work on the submission proposal

Release Engineering:

  • We broader participation on the Release Engineering team
  • We want to make the build more open and put it on a server so that more people can run it
  • The time committment is about 1 day per week on average
  • It is ok to assign a junior engineer to this
  • Jimmy and Jack from CA will get back to the team with a name next week
  • Can someone send Jimmy the build information to help training on the build process? Yes, we will discuss this on the Release Engineering call today.

i6 Test Pass:

  • Resource Modeling and Data Visualization posted confirmation that they completed the test pass.
  • Data Collection JUnit tests have been run. Sheldon also ran end-to-end test. So, the DC test pass has been completed.
  • Since all teams have completed the i6 test pass, we can declare the latest candidate build the stable i6 build and move to i7.
  • There are still some open bugs against i6. Teams should close them, or move them to a future iteration.

Release schedule:

  • Tania posted the proposed release schedule revisions on the wiki. There has been some discussion on closing i8 by the end of this year.
  • The reason for the push to wrap up i8 in December is to be sure we have a milestone for Eclipse Con. Wrapping up i8 in December will be difficult because of the holidays. Instead, can we move Milestone 2 to the end of i9 in early March and use this for Eclipse Con? Team consensus is yes.
  • Tania will update the plan to reflect this proposal and post to the devlist for a vote.
  • Milestones should mean that we have completed a certain set of features. You can tell which enhancements are in each iteration through Bugzilla; however, it would be nice to list the features in the table with the schedule. Tania will look at doing this.

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